Avakin Life v1.093.00 MOD APK (Skins Unlocked, XP Boost)

Avakin Life MOD APK v1.093.00

July 1, 2024 GAMES
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up GAMES
118 MB
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(Skins Unlocked, XP Boost)
Jun 13, 2024
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Avakin Life MOD APK

Avakin Life is a virtual world game where players can explore and create their lives. You will easily find many other player in this game and interact with them in many way. At the same time, you will surely be impressed by the number of items you can buy. In addition, there will be many activities that will help you get more coins and unlock the items you like.

Avakin Life 1


In the world of Avakin Life, there are now events related to Christmas, so you should participate in these events. You will find a land called Festive Wonderlands, which can cause excitement among players from the first time they experience it. To be more specific, the environment there is completely covered with snow, and you can comfortably stand at the highest position to see the entire map. At the same time, you are certainly not the only one who comes to this place.

Similar to other locations in this game, players will see many other players exploring the location. Of course you can fully interact with these character through impressive animation. You also can’t ignore the accessories that will make your look more unique and take remarkable selfies. It is undoubtedly an event you don’t want to miss.

Avakin Life 2


In Avakin Life, players enter an extremely large-scale virtual world that offers activities such as fashion contests, games, and other social activities. So, you can imagine how many characters appear in this game. The first step you can do in this game is to create a character according to your preferences. At the same time, this will be quite time-consuming because there are many factors to choose from.

You can customize the elements associated with the character and each aspect offers the player many choices. Therefore, every player can create a unique character and style to experience this game.

Avakin Life 3


After completing the character creation, you will receive a bonus and a free apartment. At the same time, you can add the furniture you already have to your liking in this apartment. You can add a dog as a pet that will move into your apartment. You will see some grids where you can add interior levels and since it is a free apartment, it is rather small. If you are lucky, you will also collect some diamonds scattered around your apartment.

Once you’re done with the interior design of your apartment, start exploring the world that Avakin Life has to offer. This game features an impressive number of locations with fully detailed design and you can interact with items that interest you. At the same time, you’ll be amazed at what you can get, because the number of things you can buy in the store is diverse.

Avakin Life 4


Players can buy as many more items as they want in Avakin Life, and these items are completely different. They can be new costumes, cool animations for characters, and many other items. Of course, to buy these items, you will need a certain amount of coins. There are many ways to collect coins, and you will try to experience some of the actual works that occur in this game.

The first way is to find some jobs on different servers. If you fulfill the request, you can increase the coins. The second method comes from the game’s achievements and daily rewards that players can receive. At the same time, since you are the one who controls the character’s activities in detail, you will perform the assigned tasks in this game with absolute precision.

Avakin Life 5

A vast virtual world gives players many interesting points

A large world with many different places to visit and satisfy your curiosity.
You have an apartment and can add as much furniture as you want, and the number will increase day by day.
The number of items in the shop is impressive in terms of the genre, and the price ultimately attracts players to participate in in-game activities.
Players can easily experience various in-game activities and earn lots of coins to buy their favorite items.
The event related to Christmas attract player especially a new location called Festive Wonderland.

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