A Dance of Fire and Ice v2.5.3 MOD APK (Unlock All Levels)

A Dance of Fire and Ice MOD APK v2.5.3

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Android Android 4.4 and up GAMES
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Sep 21, 2023
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A Dance of Fire and Ice MOD APK

A game with unique gameplay helps two elements with opposite colors to reach the end of the screen in A Dance of Fire and Ice. Sometimes you will experience levels with music, but other times some levels are more unusual. In addition, the distance these two can travel becomes longer, more complex and more challenging/helpful, so stay calm and move correctly and in time.

A Dance of Fire and Ice 1


Besides the usual save element, the new version of the game has a unique feature that allows users to backup their experiences during the game. This works similarly to saving, but with this backup feature, players have the option to restore their previously experienced data in case the device’s save file has any issues. So, this is a simple feature but useful for multiplayer.


When you experience A Dance of Fire and Ice, you will surely be impressed by the stunning yet straightforward graphics it offers. The simple design allows players to focus entirely on the two main elements of their game screen: fire and ice. They are represented by two red and blue component that you easily recognize. These two factors always go hand in hand on every game screen and sometimes also present players with special challenges.

A Dance of Fire and Ice 2

During the game, you will see the environment appear in a certain order, but you will notice that some environments will lean in a certain direction in the following many levels. However, you will not know any signs to recognize them and the only option is to rely on your reflex skills in controlling these two blue and red elements. Thus, a challenging gameplay will unfold in front of the players and they will try to pass properly.


At the beginning of the game, you are given two balls, one blue and one red, which are always together. This togetherness is shown by one element being the center so the other goes around it, and sometimes the order is reversed. This feature allows the user to move fire and ice in an area with specific squares by placing these two elements on a horizontal or vertical line. When you finish, you will see that the order has changed and you will not be able to stop thinking about it.

A Dance of Fire and Ice 3

Creating this straight line requires skill, and the trajectory of an element’s movement is represented by dashed lines. But it won’t move forever; there is a limit that you must respect. If you can’t draw a straight line and the outer element goes all the way around, those two elements will disappear. In other words, if you draw a horizontal line and the environment forms a straight line, you need those two elements in their respective positions.

These two factors are in a relationship that helps each other to move, and one is the root for the other’s movement. With the change of the game environment, the line creation according to the environment also needs to be done correctly. Therefore, this is often a factor that causes difficulties for players during the game, because the environment factor can also rotate in any direction, and every player must always have a reasonable way of dealing with it.


Each game screen has a certain distance that the player must travel, similar to paving stones. The goal of the level is quite simple: you must go to the end of the level and match a moving element with the white circle of the level. Once this is completed, you will move on to the next level. As you can see, the goal of this game is straightforward, but the distance to the final goal is complicated.

A Dance of Fire and Ice 4

The number of levels in A Dance of Fire and Ice varies greatly and it will take you some time to complete them. There will always be easy levels that will familiarize you with the elements and gameplay. At the same time, as time goes by, you will also improve your skills and face many challenges from the environment and the speed of the elements. Of course, there are no factors that can help you get rid of these factors.


No elements will appear with each step you take, but as you move forward, some symbols will appear in some areas. Each of these symbols has the same effect and affects your two balls. The snail symbol, for example, slows down the two balls and gives you the ability to move more efficiently, and unlike this element, the rabbit symbol increases the movement speed.

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