Angel Squad MOD APK (Menu/Defense multipliers) 1.0.0

Angel Squad MOD APK (Menu/Defense multipliers) v1.0.0

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Jun 5, 2021
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Angel Squad MOD APK (Menu/Defense multipliers)

Angel Squad MOD APK

Angel Squad is ready to go out and repel the alien invasion in Angel Squad. This 3D tactical shooter does a great job at expressing how dramatic the details of the plot are. The gameplay revolves around girls who are beautiful and have amazing powers. If you’re a big fan of Japanese anime, you can’t ignore this game. A combination of tactical, fashion and architectural design… All are unconstrained. Every element of the game stands out because it’s already so compelling.

Download Angel Squad mod – Train beautiful and powerful combat squads

Become an Angel Task Force Commander and your mission is to train the most dynamic and powerful female warriors. Collect resources through many battles. Upgrade your female warrior to change her appearance. At the same time, his fighting ability soared to a dazzling level. The game’s combat system is a third-person shooter. Players can also swap characters on the battlefield.
The episodes of Angel Squad take place in the context of a world entering a new century. During this time, technology is developing and producing increasingly impressive scientific products. Suddenly, a species called Far Star landed on Earth. They declare that this will be their realm to scavenge all life on Earth. Unable to let that happen, humans stood up and left many of the fiercest battlegrounds behind. Since then, humans have wanted to do a project against the evil Far Stars. That project is called Angel, and in Angel Squad players will have to go through.

Familiar anime style

Project Angel is a major landmark project for humanity. To fight the forces of the Far Stars and keep Earth at peace. This project is to implant a biological genome with tremendous power into humans. Infuse your body with the most modern super soldier serum. Thankfully, the test was completely successful. The earth gives birth to warriors who surpass humans. All experiment participants in the world are beautiful girls. After the experiment was successful, they were given the name Angels to protect the world from domination.

Beautiful Angel Upgrade

Anyone who has seen Japanese animation will no longer be unfamiliar with the appearance of an angel. Warrior girls with curvy bodies. However, what hides behind that innocent appearance is a strength that humans cannot match. Japanese voice actors did the voice acting themselves. That’s enough to show the maximum investment of the developers of Angel Squad. Not only can you watch your warriors fight, but you can also freely control your character. Interact with them with many exciting upgrades. Each interaction corresponds to a different conversation. Gradually you will discover all the angels in the game.

Construction of a common house

The upgrade of the angel did not only increase the external beauty of the warrior. It’s also a big step for girls to develop their strength to the max. When fighting, each person has a different role. The TAC-50 is a highly skilled sniper. The M1A64 engages in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy using a rifle. The CZ75 uses pistols for flexibility when moving. Or FIVESEVEN with the strongest supporting mascot. There are also many angels with other responsibilities. In addition to using skills, they also have unique skills. The Angels’ diverse costume system is another interesting point that players can’t help but be interested in.

The dormitory was a resting place for angel warriors when they were not fighting. What do you know? You will also be the one decorating them to liven up the place. Use gold and diamonds to expand your room. Buy completely different furniture in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Angel improves her quality of life, but her dormitory is also much more beautiful than before. Also, enhance your interactions with your angels in your free time. You can talk to them and learn about people’s backgrounds. Even dating Angels helps increase intimacy and is very exciting.

As such, Angel Squad is not a dry, tactical, pure fighting game. Sometimes there are other content that gamers can get creative with and enjoy with a full update without waiting long from the developer.

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