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Baldurs Gate II MOD APK v2.6.6.10

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Oct 31, 2023
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Baldurs Gate II MOD APK

One version of the game is both a remaster and an expansion called Baldurs Gate II: Enhanced Edition and offers an exciting but equally tactical journey. You will experience the story of the hero and his friends who want to learn about an evil character named Irecius who has caused them suffering. At the same time, the gameplay is also so beautiful that players cannot ignore it in order to survive in large environments.

Baldurs Gate II 1


The story of Baldurs Gate II begins when the hero and his comrades are captured and taken to an unknown place. When he opened his eyes, the hero found himself captured and tested by sorcerers. They were the ones who recognized him as unique and spoke of a mysterious power. At the same time, an element of luck appeared that allowed him to be freed from the sorcerers. They were lured to another place and a mysterious power appeared before his eyes.

Thanks to the Shadow Thieves, he and his companions were freed from the cage. But from there they also learned the sad news that some of the group members had been killed after their arrest. Suppressing their pain, they continued to walk through different areas of the dungeon, and this place also had many enemies that they had to fight against. In time, they also found a way out, and the information about the person who had caused them all this suffering was.

Baldurs Gate II 2


When you start Baldurs Gate II, players will experience a completely large map that they will explore. They will control the character to move around in it and find many different rooms. This is also the reason why devices with small screens sometimes cannot fully experience this game. Everyone should try it because the game will give a great feeling when experienced with larger screens.

The game environment is beautifully designed and detailed, providing a medieval setting that players will enjoy. At the same time, there is one element that you need to pay attention to, which is the character’s perspective. Players control them from a top-down view and there is no HUD to navigate the environment. So every time you go through a new area, you need to pay attention to the area you just passed through so you can quickly return to it and save the game.

Another feature is that sometimes you have to take advantage of some features in the game and take the time to exploit their properties because the element of black mist is present in this game. Although the environment is large, sometimes you will feel confused because some areas are not clear because of the black mist. This element is often present in strategy games and only disappears where the character goes, so this can be considered a challenge that you have to overcome.

Baldurs Gate II 3


In Baldur’s Gate II, players travel through many different locations and interact with things they desire. Different colors highlight things you might touch or discover, and you will spend time getting to know them. At the same time, players can also interact with the characters in the game, learn information about their location, and select the appropriate dialogue to get information. In this game, you will always encounter enemies.

You control two characters and try to defeat the enemies that appear before your eyes. In particular, you will spend time controlling these characters to overcome enemies, defeat them and not be defeated by blood loss. A difficult point in the first level is that the number of enemies is very varied and differs in terms of physicality and number. In other words, you cannot leave the game screen because you have to choose certain tactics and movements to defeat the enemies in the game.

Baldurs Gate II 4


Players find various items in the game by defeating enemies or interacting with items. An exciting feature about this game is that the characters’ weapons are completely different and are not affected by the class system. In other words, if you are using a sword and feel that the bow and arrow does more damage, you can pick up the bow and arrow to continue the level, and you can change the weapon at will and use the martial arts.

It is absolutely beneficial to the character and there are undoubtedly many ways to use it in the game. The two characters you control have different health and damage values, so sometimes one character will lose more health than the other. From there, you can equip the character with more armor and weapons to increase resistance, and the character with less health will use the bow and arrow to avoid many attacks aimed at you. It is considered an attractive way to play.

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