Cash, Inc. v2.4.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Cash, Inc MOD APK v2.4.12

July 4, 2024 GAMES
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up GAMES
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(Unlimited Money)
Jan 27, 2024
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Cash, Inc MOD APK

Cash, Inc. is an idle game where players develop a building with many floors corresponding to many jobs. You are the initial manager of the building and gradually open more floors with high-profit jobs. At the same time, you can also invest in different floors and hire a manager so that you have more free time. You may consider selling the building and moving to a new location.

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In Cash, Inc., players will find a multi-story building and each floor offers the opportunity to earn money. At the same time, the higher the floor, the more money you will earn on that floor, but it will also take more time if you want to unlock higher floors. You start on the lowest floor, use the money earned accordingly, and then open the next floors.

Players see the game screen in a 2D plane and can freely see which floors they have and which floors are still locked. At the same time, your task in this game is straightforward: you need to collect money over time to improve your work and collect more money. In addition, all operations are completely done by touch and swipe, so every player can easily experience the gameplay of this game.


You start at the lowest level in Cash, Inc., so the amount of money you earn in a period of time is quite low, but through your management, this is possible. You will see a progress bar that shows that the work on each floor is completed and you can collect the money immediately. This work must be done continuously to collect the money and continue your work. After that, you will see that you already have a certain amount of money and start the process of improving your work.

You will see the button that you can touch. Each touch will cost you the amount of money you own. At the same time, the benefit of this touch is that the player can increase the value of the work on each floor. Of course, the amount of money you collect in a period of time will also increase. This way, your money will quickly increase and you can develop your building in various ways.


There are many ways you can develop your building in Cash, Inc. You will unlock the higher floors. Specifically, you need a certain amount of money to unlock the next floor. You keep collecting money and investing it in the business on each floor. So the amount you get will increase quickly, and this is also an effective way to make players tired.

In the second option, you can take advantage of the fact that you have many floors and the amount for each floor will continuously come into your pocket. You can hire a manager for each floor and that person will have a job that requires each floor to work. So your tedious management process is over; you just focus on investing in the floors where you want to make more profit. Alternatively, you can also move to a better location and a nicer building.


In Cash, Inc., some characters will want to buy back the building you developed, and of course there are many interesting points to pay attention to. Once you decide to sell the building, you end up with a brand new building that you have to start over with. You can also earn some more fame points that increase your profits, and you can move to a new building that is nicer than the old one to continue your career.

Players will receive a building where they can do many things with it in this game

  • Players start the game screen with the lowest floor and go through the management process so that work there always continues stably.
  • The money collected is used to invest in floors to increase profits and set the conditions for unlocking the next floor.
  • Managers can be hired to help players manage the essential work of each floor and increase their monetization performance.
  • Some characters keep an eye on your building, and you may decide to sell it to them to have a new, nicer location.

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