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City Island 4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) v3.2.3

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City Island 4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Turn the village you live in into a developed urban area in City Island 4 game. It all started in a small town, and your goal is to turn it into a city. To do this, you need to build structures such as factories or residential areas. Their placement will be taken into account according to the roads you build for people. You also need to focus on your business to earn more money to develop your city. In order to increase your city’s income, you must constantly build and renovate new areas. Compete with city builders like you and build the most beautiful city for yourself.

City Island 4 MOD APK

Download City Island 4 mod – Build a city on the island

A new city will gradually be built around a small island. It will also have facilities designed like a real city with all amenities. Residents will also migrate to your city island, where life will gradually become more vibrant. All you have to do is improve the satisfaction of the residents of your new city. This is your chance to plan a small place and build a populated city. You will gain new space to grow as a mission for your cause. Your role is important in making this place a place to grow.

City Island 4 MOD

You have a chance to become mayor of your city. This is not a city on land like other places, but a city built on an island. However, this place should be built step by step, not ultimately developed from scratch. Your job is to develop a place where nothing exists and make it thrive. You are the one who achieved this achievement by building and redesigning an island and bringing it up to city level. The positivity you bring here is an opportunity for the island to grow. Use your leader talents to build a prosperous city on your island.

Change the island

An island in the sea receives your visit and undergoes unprecedented changes. I have a desire to build an island city, something that others cannot do. Islands in the sea will be more easily identified through ongoing construction. Buildings gradually appear on top, building the original shape of the city. Buildings will also be built on you and in residential areas. The changes give the island a new look and help attract more residents. New construction is only the first step, and the change of the island is only a stepping stone for urban development.

City Island 4 MOD

Infrastructure upgrade

You can build your island using in-game features. The upgrade feature allows you to build more solid buildings on your island. This helps ensure people’s safety before an accident at sea occurs. Buildings previously built on the island also have unexpected effects after upgrading. The entire city is always becoming more modern as facilities are constantly being upgraded. It also gives people confidence that advanced cities are being built. They will always be proud because the city they live in can be more modern than the one on land.

Discover more lands

There are opportunities to explore and develop your island in many other places than in the game. When you complete this city on the sea, a new land will be your goal. You will explore different areas based on this city island and more. It will be a springboard from which you can travel to other enchanting lands. The journey to build a new city doesn’t stop there. You might as well move forward. Soon you will set foot on snow islands, mangrove forests or plains with different terrain. Explore new lands and complete a collection of cities built in different locations.

The journey of discovery begins again and the first destination is off the island. This is a land beyond the sea and an island far from land, but that’s not all your goal. You are here to fulfill your dream of building an advanced city. A city as advanced as anywhere else on the mainland will be built by your hands. The transformation here will bring a little-known place to life in the middle of the sea. Travel has just begun on the island and many other locations are still awaiting active construction. Download the City Island 4 mod to turn your island into a thriving city and keep exploring.

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