Dark Throne: The Queen Rises v2.0.1 MOD APK (God Mode, Attack Multiplier)

Dark Throne: The Queen Rises MOD APK v2.0.1

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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 Action
750 MB
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(God Mode, Attack Multiplier)
Jan 17, 2023
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Dark Throne: The Queen Rises MOD APK

Eliminate the forces of evil in a plot to rule the world in the Dark Throne game. The war between humans and monsters seems to have ended many years ago. But now the war has resumed and the initiator is none other than the Devil. They persevered despite setbacks and grew up by challenging themselves again. The tense battle is back on, and so are their plans. Demons don’t give up easily on their goal of world domination until they succeed. So, lead the determined queen on a challenging adventure against evil demons.

Dark Throne MOD APK

Download Dark Throne mod – Protect the human world from the devil

The land of peaceful people has been established and taken over by evil demons. The demons got angry and decided to attack the human world to avenge their past defeats. They will gradually take over all places on Earth and make them the darkest places. Dark times will overshadow the human world before the evil demons emerge. You must take on the role of the Queen and defend humanity against such dangers. The fate of this entire world depends on your ability to stand against the dark prison forces. Fight the demonic invasion with the power of a human hero and decide the future of mankind.

Dark Throne APK

Explore the world of demons

Demons have reappeared all over the world and plunged the place into darkness. The demon has now turned clear water into the darkest hell. Dark forces have now invaded every land inhabited by humans from deep within. As she becomes a powerful queen to protect humanity, she has to fight demons. A hero has appeared and you must decide to embark on an adventure. The world’s journey to seek peace against evil has just begun. Humanity must be protected from demons so that they can continue to fight them anywhere

Demon slaying journey

The outcome of the previous war between humans and demons was in favor of the brave humans. The demons admitted defeat and hid in a dangerous place that humans couldn’t enter. So they can take a day off, wait and come back for revenge. The time has come for them to reappear in this world. A dark spot giving birth to mysterious creatures has reappeared on Earth. They embody demons and turn the Earth into the environment in which they live. The demon world is full of death and cruelty. It would be dangerous to allow them to continue destroying this world.

Fight for survival

You are a resident of this land and you have a part to play in protecting it. Besides, you are now a mighty queen whose demon-slaying powers come from your courage. Their brutality towards them compels you to decide to go outside and venture dungeons to stop them. Lands once occupied by demons will be where you must bravely enter. It is a place where you will have to face and fight demons. The Queen’s road ahead promises many hardships with monsters and demons. Endure her journey and transform into a queen to keep Earth safe.

The showdown between you and the devil is not simply a duel between you and them. It is also a decisive battle for the survival of mankind. Whose representatives are fighting for them? These unusual battles will show your responsibility. You must win against their siege before many demons. Every time the Queen gives a skill, it will deal significant damage to the demon. Survive the onslaught of evil demons and move on. Fight not only for your survival but also for the survival of mankind against demons.

The demons that appeared after a long time were lurking deep in the dungeon and recovering. They attacked, believing that they would grow stronger again and quickly destroy the human world. They cause all the dark places in the world, and we need someone out there. You will become the queen of this world and will be in charge of destroying demons. It is your duty to step into the dungeon and bravely fight the besieging demons. The demonic world, with many mysteries still waiting to be discovered. Download the Dark Throne mod to rise to power and play the role of a queen who destroys bloodthirsty demons.

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