Death Chain MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money, Immortal, Quick Move) 0.2.0

Death Chain MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money, Immortal, Quick Move) v0.2.0

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Feb 13, 2023
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Death Chain MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money, Immortal, Quick Move)

Use your apocalyptic survivor abilities to fight zombies in the chains of death. The same event destroyed millions of worlds and spread a nameless disease. The mystery of this case left the survivors bewildered and fearful of what was to come. Only healthy people survived and resisted this devastating plague. But when zombie sieges appeared one after another, the world apocalypse had just begun. Everything that stands in the way of the zombies is gone, and you must find a way to escape. So grab your weapon and make your way through the zombie-infested city to safety.

Death Chain

All living things in this world are affected by events that destroy all life. Those who once had control over their bodies are now corpses moving aimlessly. The zombie virus has taken over the corpse and manipulated it to find any remaining life to destroy. It is fortunate that he was able to maintain his consciousness before the accident, but the difficulties remain. Ahead of you is still a long line of zombies heading to y. You and you must fight them. You’re the only one who can help yourself in a post-apocalyptic world against terrifying zombies. With zombie-killing weapons in hand, believe in yourself and find a way to escape.

Download Death Chain mod – Win life from zombies

The human world was pushed to the end of the world faster than expected due to an accident. Humanity was not yet fully prepared for this catastrophe and was quickly destroyed. Replacing people with the senses of the world are lifeless life-destroying zombies. Zombies take over the city and don’t let anyone survive. You luckily survive, but your appearance only makes them charge at you. Your mission is to run away from the zombies as quickly as possible. Zombies will not let you survive and find your way from zombies.

The world after the apocalypse

Entire planets full of life have now been taken over by brutal zombies everywhere. Your city also doesn’t escape the prospect of apocalypse when there are zombies on the roads. Everything has been destroyed and there seems to be no sign of life but you. You have to face a fierce world where one mistake can drive a zombie crazy. They have lost human consciousness and want to destroy everything at the command of the virus. Ahead of you are weak zombies and a dense army of undead. Skip the chaos of a post-apocalyptic world and find a way to survive against the zombies.

Resist zombie attack

Zombies have gradually destroyed what should have contained the life of the world. The world couldn’t get rid of the zombie hysteria. Now only death remains. You have witnessed it all and must be determined to survive the undead. In this accident you are a healthy survivor and you have a chance to attack the zombies. You will fight zombies with powerful weapons and special abilities of your body. This power will help you choose the right gun and shoot any zombies that stand in your way. Fight unconscious undead and become stronger with special powers.

Escape from the post-apocalyptic world

The human world is pushed to the apocalypse by zombies and can no longer be saved. But you still hold on to your life and you won’t give up easily. You must do everything to prolong your life find a way to leave this world. Zombies occupy each area, but you must constantly move to avoid being surrounded by zombies. Zombies won’t make you run away fast. Eliminate as many of them as possible. The more zombies you defeat, the better your chance of escaping the world. Arm yourself with knowledge and weapons to fight the zombies that hinder your survival.

An accident destroys a peaceful world and brings the undead into an apocalyptic scenario. There is no more primitive life here, only lifeless creatures roaming about. this accident, only healthy people with special abilities can survive. We are lucky to have found life after the accident, but only temporarily. Those zombies are the only thing that keeps you from living in this world. So fight and attack zombies to create your own way of life. Download the Chains of Death mod and find out how to survive and escape the zombie infested world.

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