DOP 2: Delete One Part v1.2.4 MOD APK (No ADS)

DOP 2: Delete One Part MOD APK v1.2.4

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Nov 2, 2022
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DOP 2: Delete One Part MOD APK

DOP 2: Delete Part One is a game where players will go through a lot of difficulty with a variety of requirements that require the player to delete a major object. This find will complete the level and take the player to another level. At the same time, the number of levels varies and requires players to use several different strategies or use the kit to figure out key points


In DOP 2: Delete One Part, players will get a lot of questions of various types, and you’ll actually try to complete them. Players will need to look carefully at what is in front of them and compare it to the instructions on each level. Meanwhile, the most commonly used product is an eraser that can wipe a specific area of ​​the leaks. This destruction, if the requirements are met, will complete the level.


The control system of this game poses few problems for players if they can make the eraser go absolutely anywhere they want. At the same time, players can see hidden objects appear by pushing the appropriate space. So, each level will present you with a puzzle that will force you to ponder and consider how best to complete the level.


The first thing you need to do in DOP 2: Build One Part is to look at the image and the supplies and demands, and from there the player will notice the connection between them. Specific items sometimes hide search results, and of course these items are often easily deleted. So, this is a feature that helps you distinguish what the connections are to help you solve puzzles in the complex levels of this game.

the ability to observe and think in this game is important, especially if all items can be deleted without affecting the level. So players will use knowledge to solve puzzles; for example, level 550 will ask you to remove an element. If you are aware of the gear changes, you will immediately notice the unexpected, and the discovery will definitely make you feel problematic but it will not care.

One thing that attracts and retains players to complete the level is multiple attempts. This check is performed by the players when they fail to properly erase a small object in the game, and after releasing the eraser, everything goes back to normal. At the same time, players can continue their puzzle by trying to fill in additional items, searching for the factor that affects the level, and finishing quickly.

When players experience DOP 2: Delete One Part, they will no doubt be impressed by what this game has to offer, such as the number of different levels. All levels are different because they have their own challenges and graphics and specifics. So each level will be a new challenge that the player has to try to complete, and the solution is also completely different, causing problems for the player.

The number of different levels allows players to have fun on their way, and of course this will be a long journey as the difficulty will steadily increase over time. So every puzzle game will usually have a puzzle attached to it, and of course the number of uses will be absolutely limited. You will need to meet a specific requirement to receive assistance to help you identify key elements for successful completion of the level.

Players will come to exciting puzzle levels and require many skills from them

Players will arrive at interesting puzzles and will be asked for more skills:

The player will see a composite image and an accompanying request that the player will attempt to add the eraser he or she receives.
This eraser will allow items that affect the level to be erased, and if the player successfully erases it, the level will be completed.
The number of items that can be deleted changes with each level, and sometimes the player will try multiple times to get the right answer.
Levels vary in skill and requirements, and from there players will use their skills and knowledge to complete them.
Getting through the many puzzles is a challenging journey, and players can use the suggestion section to find the key points.

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