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Description Dragon Hills MOD APK (Unlimited money)

The heroic motif of saving a princess from an evil enemy is no longer too strange for gamers. Adventure games related to familiar childhood, such as the Mario series or Donkey Kong, are doomed to such plots. However, Dragon Hills will give you a never-before-seen perspective. What if the princess gets angry? Are you wandering around seeking revenge on those who once kidnapped you? This game offers something completely different from the previous games we’ve played.

Dragon Hills MOD APK

Download Dragon Hills mod – Get ready for epic revenge

It is an action adventure game and destroy enemies. Dragon Hills offers exciting gameplay with the control mechanic of a princess riding on a dragon’s back. Together, the two become a duo who will slaughter any target they come across to serve. The princess’ revenge plan is quite brutal, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting. Chase down the knights and finish them off with precise bites and stabs. Face off against extremely thrilling bosses.

Dragon Hills MOD

Accompanying her was a huge and invincible dragon. At the start of the game, you ride and control your dragon to walk on terrain surfaces or go underground to appear unexpectedly. Appearing on the journey are the knights and their bases. Level everything up by using the power of the dragon you’re riding.

Defeat enemies and beat bosses

Each specific screen will allow you to encounter huge bosses, defeat them and receive valuable rewards. To upgrade your dragon to be more powerful. There are also items with traps that appear frequently. Be careful to avoid the thorny walls and lava pits. Choose magic items like wings and upgrade them. Evolve for your companion. If submerged underground for too long, the dragon will find it difficult to breathe and will have to come to the surface to recuperate. At the top center of the screen are 3 hearts representing the protagonist’s 3 lives. You lose 1 life each time you touch a trap or get hit by a boss.

Dragon Hills MOD

Explore new lands

you play, the more enemies and traps appear, and their bosses also increase in power level with each level. Of course, high-level rewards are always beautiful. It has a lot to do with your dragon’s level and strength. Upgrade your dragon and princess’s weapons, armor and powers to prepare for hot and exciting boss battles.

Through different levels, you will pass through lands with different cultures. From the ancient Roman Empire to turbid lands, snowy lands, and villages with windmills. There are many lands that you can freely explore as you pass through. Destroy enemies and bosses in a land of unique terrain and architecture. Get ready for a crazy adventure. Travel new lands and spread the killing everywhere.

Compete in ranking with friends

For online games, players compete directly against each other through a screen. In offline games, players can still compete by earning high scores and new records. To get your name on the leaderboard of the highest scoring people. Dragon Hills has its own ranking and scoring system. Helping players compete against each other anytime, anywhere, motivating all players to practice hard to achieve best performance. Show off with your friends and family in controlling your dragon to destroy multiple targets. Achieve high scores with great records.

It has a simple gameplay that is very attractive to players. And since it’s completely free, it’s very convenient to reach out to new players, with a community of players pushing to release the sequel as soon as possible. Dragon Hills is a great idea to start a meeting or get together friends. Download the Dragon Hills mod and never end your fighting adventure!

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