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Drone Shadow Strike v1.31.113

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Drone Shadow Strike

Drone Shadow Strike MOD APK

There are so many war-themed games on the ground, but you’ll rarely see a play about a warrior in the sky. Then we will guide you to Drone Shadow Strike. A battle of fighters bombing the vast atmosphere. What’s unique is that dogfights are far more complex and dangerous. If you want to experience a whole new sensation, this product is for you. Although it is a trilogy, the first part always gets a good response. We will fight armies across the battlefields of the skies.

Download Drone Shadow Strike mod – Become a professional fighter pilot

Real-time battlefield depiction. Drone Shadow Strike is an ongoing battle between man’s most modern aircraft. It is a war for those with keen observation and calculation skills. One thing is for sure, this game is not for people with a history of vertigo. The spectacular turning stages in the sky with explosive effects added will not feel good at all. They are no longer static and passive like battlegrounds on the ground. To survive in heaven, you must act proactively.

Take on missions in the most chaotic and terrifying battlegrounds. First you need to learn how to steer the aircraft through a specific course. It won’t take long to finish in a short amount of time. After training, you will be assigned to fly some basic aircraft. It differs from professional aircraft in that it has fewer modern weapons and engines. However, combat requires a high degree of concentration and rational thinking during combat.

Build superior firepower

Battlegrounds will be concentrated in different regions around the world. You accept the mission, then fly there to fight and complete the mission. Most missions involve dropping bombs on enemy base areas. Or prevent the supply of weapons at many long ranges. This is time consuming but very enjoyable. You have to dodge enemy attention and attacks and drop bombs in the right place to complete your mission. Fighter pilots are no exception.

Unlimited challenge

It’s important to focus on strength in the military. Of course, that hasn’t changed in Drone Shadow Strike either. The main force of our army comes from revolutionary fighters. The missile system is the most important point in taking the aircraft’s name to the next level. There are several famous names that have the ability to track targets anywhere, such as the Cryo NTX 250 missile. Cryo Phaser Cannon with the ability to create high damage beam projectiles. Of course, owning them is a process of fighting and completing a lot of work.

A total of 282 missions should be enough to convert you from a novice pilot to a seasoned fighter. You can also unlock 70 different achievements depending on your combat requirements. Needless to say, these missions have the most accurate adaptation to world history. There are still some changes to make it suitable for aircraft flying games, but they are not critical. Destroy enemy bases, cut off weapons supplies, rescue hostages… There are different types of missions to maximize the required skills. End game quests include many of the previous requirements. Get ready for the biggest bombardment of dogfights.

Climb the leaderboard

For a great dogfight game like this, you also need to add leaderboards so you can compete against each other. Points are calculated through essential campaign missions in the story. It also comes from PvP battles between pilots. Compete together to see who is the better and wiser pilot. Of course, the battlefield will be in the sky. The two planes pursued each other until one fell completely. It sounds simple, but there’s a lot of skill and courage in it. Who will have the chance to own the most powerful rocket?

Air combat, however, is a less familiar subject. Experience the Drone Shadow Strike mode and you will become a great fighter pilot with the most engaging specials of Part 1. But when you play a game about fighter jets, you can’t take your eyes off the chaos and ingenuity of the planes.

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