Free Adblocker Browser v96.1.3743 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Free Adblocker Browser MOD APK v96.1.3743

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Android 6.0
Android Android 6.0 APPS
135 MB
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(Premium Unlocked)
Dec 1, 2022
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Free Adblocker Browser MOD APK

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Using your phone in a more comfortable way without worrying about ads, immediately download “ Free Adblocker Browser ” to experience the fun!

Free Adblocker Browser is a great application from Rocket shield Browser Technology Limited Communication. The application is provided free and helps to block ads on many popular Internet browsers. You visit the website and are not interrupted by advertising.

Web pages are cleaner, and easier to read. This also helps you save data when using the Internet without a Wi-Fi connection. You can find better things when you travel, or to areas where there is no internet.

Free, and powerful in blocking ad types

Adblocker Free Browser offers many conveniences and is a good choice for users who hate ads. It can block most types of ads. So you can stop bad things from happening, and close the tab before anything bad happens.

The app helps block annoying pop-ups. You will not be redirected to some other site unexpectedly. It is tiring when you have to delete unnecessary tabs. The application helps you block all bad tabs/pop-ups. This helps ensure smooth, fast and private browsing.

It also helps you not get tired of seeing junk. You are more comfortable visiting your favorite websites. The application helps to clean all spam content, and all bad content is gone. This helps you have a clean website and a comfortable web experience.

The application removes unnecessary ads for Videos. If you are a video watcher, and you hate facing ads, the app will help you block allads in the video. You won’t waste time watching in-video ads. In short, videos will be streamed without ads. The app also protects you from ads on video websites.

Surf the web safely, and privately

Adblocker Free Browser lets you choose your favorite search engine (Google by default). You can use Opera, Firefox or Chrome as you like.

The app allows you to customize notifications. Alternatively, you can save your password for quick access to web or change the color of the interface to your liking. So you can customize the entire browsing experience.

You can also save and manage bookmarks for quick access to web pages you want. You open multiple tabs at same time and activate incognito mode to ensure privacy.

It makes your browsing more private, and more secure. Apps always block advertising cookies from third parties for user. You can choose the incognito mode, review browsing history. In short, the application ensures the privacy of the user on top priority.

The application recommends safe websites. Users don’t need to worry about web security. The app gives warnings about any malware, and adware. app ensures that you have a safe and private browsing experience.

Many useful features included in the application

Free Adblocker Browser also includes many useful features. The application displays the weather in real time. The application can predict the weather 10 days in the future (select the location), so it helps you have more suitable plans.

The app is designed to be user-friendly, and enhances your reading experience. So, you can read anything better (eg, read news and novels easier and faster with your favorite interface).

Alternatively, you can lock your private browser with password. This ensures your privacy at the maximum. The application is always updated automatically. So, you will see a clear list of AdBlock filters, and help you browse the web easily and for free.

Don’t forget to turn on private and incognito mode to clear all browsing history. This helps you browse the web privately, and securely (without leaving any traces).You can use the “Ad guard” software to block all types of ads on any site Avoiding eg websites. The application helps you block annoying windows, warn of malicious websites.

Ready to browse the web at the ultimate experience

In short, Adblocker Browser Free is a great browser if you want to block all kinds of ads on the web. You are free to access the website with good content, and not worry about advertising.

The app also effectively blocks annoying videos, banner ads and pop-ups. Quickly download “Adblocker Browser Free” to experience one of the most useful applications!

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