FaceApp Pro v11.5.2 MOD APK (No Watermark)

FaceApp Pro MOD APK v11.5.2

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Jan 11, 2023
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FaceApp Pro MOD APK


Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing at an incredibly fast rate every day. Basically, AI means simulating human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic behavior. Nowadays, many Android and iOS applications also use AI technologies such as Cortana, Google Allo, Hound, Elsa, and more. Moreover, many editing apps are starting to offer AI technology that makes editing and design work very easy.


FaceApp is an excellent photo editing application and is the best option if you use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Most of the men are using this app to create impressive profile pictures by adjusting their smile, fatness, hairstyle, beard style, hair color and more. Whereas many men use gender change and age enhancement tools for fun and just run and enjoy funny pictures of their friends. Basically, FaceApp is the only AI image editor in the Google Play Store, and it literally works great with filters, personalization tools, color changers, and auto-editing tools.

FaceApp Apk

Apart from having many great features, FaceApp application has only one drawback to enjoy most unusual features you need to subscribe to FaceApp Pro subscription. Basically, this subscription costs 299.00 INR per month, 1599.00 INR per year or 3990.00 INR forever. But still, few people can’t afford to pay 299.00 INR per month just to change their hairstyle, beard style and all the features. So, for all users, in this article you will get the free download link of Face App Pro APK. This link is a simple app that includes a free Pro subscription for Face App.

FaceApp is a smart photo editing android application built with AI advanced technology to provide one of the best face editing tools. FaceApp was launched on February 14, 2017, Valentine’s Day and the same day.
FaceApp has a 4.7* rating on the Google Play Store even after receiving over 3 million reviews. like.

FaceApp is currently one of the top photo apps in the Google Play Store and ranks as the #3 top-grossing app. With many users, this application has become the most trusted photo application worldwide. Essentially, the application can transform the face by using machine learning or neural networks to predict and apply the facial changes intended by the user. Let’s take a look at the interface. The app has a very comfortable user interface that allows even children to easily edit photos and transform faces in minutes.

FaceApp MOD free

To use this application, you just need to capture an image first. Alternatively, you can import images from Google Drive or your device’s file manager. You simply need to take a brighter or larger picture where your face can be seen. After that, it comes with many tools inside to help with further editing. All tools with proper knowledge are listed below.

Impressions – In this section you can give your face different impressions. Basically, impression refers to the type of appearance. So, we have a huge collection of face types like Hollywood, Kiss, Silk, Cute, Glance and many more.
Smile – In the Smile section you can enhance your face smile and even make your face unstable as you like. You will receive four types of smiley face edits and one embarrassing transformation.

FaceApp Pro APK

FaceApp Pro APK is the modified story of FaceApp official app. The main reason for making this application is to provide all FaceApp pro features and many additional features for free. The AI ​​features of FaceApp Pro APK help a young man turn into a 60-year-old man or a man turn into a girl (transgender). FaceApp Pro acquires a huge amount of unusual features that cannot be obtained even in computer image editors. FaceAPP pro can edit your photos one step clearer so that no one can doubt it. Also, the app is much easier to use and has the same user interface as the FaceApp official app.

Basic Features

With FaceApp Pro APK, you can easily access all the pro tools available in FaceApp that require payment.
You can easily increase or decrease the age in just a few simple steps and create lots of fun images in this way. It’s really fun to see the same facial curvature in the old filter.
Besides age and face customization, FaceApp consists of a large collection of fully customizable filters. You can also create filters by combining several suitable brightness, contrast and hue adjustments.
You can also change your hairstyle from 5+ style customization provided in the app interface. You can also style your facial hair from within the app.
One of the best features of FaceApp is that you can remove the FaceApp watermark from images without paying a single penny. Watermarks are a great feature of FaceApp because they can make your photos less professional.
FaceApp AI auto-adjustment tool can automatically correct any personalization to present the best version of that photo.

FaceApp MOD

Additional Features

You will also receive many sticker assets that you can access for free in FaceApp Pro APK.
One of FaceApp’s great features is its smile adjustment tool. You can easily enhance a smile on your photo or edit a happy angry face. You can receive a total of 5 types of smile customization.
Apart from using great filters, you can also use the background feature and add a suitable background to your face or image. You should use this feature at least once.

Finally, we’ll talk about makeup tools. The makeup tool is one of the most desired tools in this app by most women. By default, the makeup tools in this app are matte, glossy, darken, lighten,


This article is based entirely on FaceApp Pro APK detailed information, characteristics and all further information. Basically, FaceApp Pro APK is a simple Android application that can work on any Android device with Android version 4.4 or higher.

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