Facebook v460. MOD APK (Full Pro, Patched, Many Features)

Facebook MOD APK v460.

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Android Android 4.4 and up APPS
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(Full Pro, Patched, Many Features)
Jan 9, 2023
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Facebook MOD APK


Facebook MOD APK is one of the most used social networking platform on any OS device. Almost all countries and regions people have started using the network. Years ago, sizable marketing firms only used the internet as a work preference. But now most parents are also using the Internet and signing up for applications.

Facebook MOD APK is now a popular social network for everyone. Complete your profile details to start using Facebook on your device. When you’ve completed your profile details, your profile isn’t ready to be seen by everyone.


Facebook features

Facebook MOD APK provides many advanced features for your needs. You can explore the full functionality of the application here.

Childhood We meet new friends in our school days. It’s not easy to find childhood friends even after all these years. This is tricky for everyone. But now all users are integrated into Facebook MOD APK. Therefore, users can enter a name to find a person in this application. Connect people around the world with the app. As well as dealing with family and friends, users can also explore the world of people. Also, send friend requests to create tokens of new friendships. Yes, after sending a friend request, users can chat directly with their friends. Chat for a long time to develop relationships between users. When you connect with a friend, the application calculates the full year of your friendship. Sending a video reminds you of friendship through the years.

Facebook MOD APK provides story sharing to all users. Every day we create something new in our lives. Capture the moment with your mobile camera and turn the captured image into a story.Clicking on the emoji will give you a quicker response to the user who posted the story. You can share the world’s present moment in less than a second.

Facebook mod

As well as Stories, Facebook MOD APK allows users to share photos, videos and moments. Each uploaded post has been assigned like, comment and share buttons. This button works for friends and followers. Friends list users can click the Like button to like content posted with 6 different emojis. Then use the comment box to comment on your feedback.


If a user has just started a business plan, Facebook MOD APK provides the best way to get started. Of course, Facebook helps you run your business from home. You must start your business age in this application. Create a page with your new brand name. Add additional page details, then choose a page template. Up to 10+ templates are available for different businesses. For example, if you sell dresses and costumes, choose a template like Sales. So, choose an appropriate template and give your product a rate. No need to set up stores in regions, markets, etc. Create a page to start your own business. Invest a little extra to promote your business and reach a lot of people. Yes, this application provides boost content feature for its users. Promote your posts to reach more people on specific days.

Most of the movie artists, musicians and most famous celebrities these days have joined the Facebook MOD APK. Personal accounts are inconvenient and not easy to use for such people.


Facebook MOD APK continues to offer unique features. Some movie certification companies have added movies to their pages. These huge movies are also ready to watch. There is no time limit for uploading videos to your page. However, copyrighted videos cannot be uploaded.


Nowadays, technology is in our hands and everything related to smartphones has become more accessible. Any user can be either a seller or a buyer. When a user purchases a product from your store, pay directly in the full order section. Merchants must add their bank account information to receive money from Facebook. This application supports all types of cards and transactions.

Facebook apk

Promote business

Facebook MOD APK provides Facebook advertising features for everyone. If you plan to promote your business product or industry, use the Facebook Valuable Advertising System. The application has a huge amount of users and millions of people see ads. Day bay day ad clicks and engagements increase smartly. This is the main reason why we recommend promoting your business on this platform.


Youngsters love to start streaming online gaming videos.Not everyone likes the YouTube platform. So, the main reason for the Facebook MOD APK is to introduce the game lover’s section of the game. In this section, all users can start streaming game videos live. Set specific thumbnails to attract new viewers. Viewers can send additional donations by sending coins. Besides,


At one time, as many users used the platform, the platform was attacked by many mod. Every day moder try to mod application database systems. Some malware injectors will attempt to inject malware to kill application processes for several hours. it’s okay Facebook MOD APK owner, Mark Zuckerberg, provides 6 layers of protection security to the server. When a user logs into your application anew from any device, you must grant access to the verified device via login verification, and you must also set up a phone number for 2-step verification.


Create a personal profile with complete details. Facebook MOD APK does not collect your profile information. Some information is required to navigate in the profile section. For example, add your name, date of birth, relationship status, universities you studied in and some basic information.

Earn money

You can also set privacy and disclosure options for any information provided. Displays pictures, banners and names only visible to everyone. Suppose a user discloses their date of birth and sets up an application with a video every year. Also remember to your friends with notifications.


Overall, we have covered all the details about the Facebook MOD APK. In the original version, you can watch videos with ads. Use the MOD version to watch all videos without watching ads. Download the latest MOD version from below article available link.

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