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FiLMiC Pro MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)


Are you dreaming of getting cinematic results using the same Android or iOS smartphone with the worst camera features? Then you need the latest tech update and an innovative application called Filmic Pro APK. We know that millions of softwares are positioned as the best video recorders in the world, but FilMic Pro APK is more intuitive and powerful than ever.

Cinematic videography is the favorite technique of any videographer or photographer because it is where we can add our emotions and powers with virtual reality. But it lacks the advanced skills required to achieve cinematic results. Today we present a furious Android application called Filmic Pro APK.

FiLMiC Pro apk

The Filmic Pro APK contains most of the rarest features you won’t get from native cameras or other third-party cameras. You can use your Android or iOS smartphone like a GoPro or Insta360 with this application! The features or privileges available within Filmic Pro Android are perfect for all Cinematic videographers beginners and field professionals working in the large-scale era! Let’s go inside –

Use your own Android Smartphone as a Cinematic Movie Recorder

Have you ever thought about having an incredibly cool camera on your Android smartphone and enjoying the privilege of being able to do a wide range of film videography with freedom? We bet you didn’t think so, since Apple’s iPhone is a device developed to help enthusiasts design motion picture movies. But Android smartphones aren’t worth it. Well, right now, I am going to change this belief by presenting you Filmic Pro APK, the most powerful app you have ever wanted and dreamed of on every trip.

Manage the Focus and Zoom of the Filmic app camera in moments

Being picky is just as important as being strong with a video camera. After keeping this in mind, the Filmic app has designed the most convenient focus management and zoom pixel management within the app. You can open this management menu by clicking on the focus icon located in the lower left corner and adjusting the lens by moving the lens like a DSLR curvature. Focus includes three modes between AF and MF. The camera lens is within reach and you can capture professionally by simply clicking the link below and downloading Filmic Pro Android!

FiLMiC Pro mod

Enjoy the free Focus Pull Speed, ISO, and Exposure Pull Speed control

If you’re into pro cameras or pro photography, you’ve probably tried ISO, shutter exposure time, and color cast at least once. This is the privilege that makes all great videographers and photographers capable of taking traffic color photos and sparkling animated photos. If these features are not available on your Android smartphone’s native camera, you can improve the situation by choosing the Filmic Pro APK wisely. The Filmic app offers ISO ratios from 100-6400, shutter exposures from 1/50-1/25600 and full speed sessions of 10 exposures. You can try them all and capture the most glamorous video of your shooting life!

Choose one of the three light modes and record the video cinematically

A professional photographer consists of an attitude, basically a successful and creative attitude that no one else has. However, creativity in shooting games is declining these days, as complex camera Android applications make everything difficult. After seeing this dark side, Filmic Pro Android launched three preset exposure lighting modes. Say you’re struggling to correct your exposure and ISO shutter and you’re not getting the perfect background for your photos. In this case, you can choose one of these presets including Light, Normal and Dark. So you don’t have to look for each pixel, you can just pick one close to the preset.

Choose from the most intuitive Auto exposures to know the details

Want to capture the most detailed video and hard to find a well-known interface? This paid Android application offers 4 of the most powerful auto-exposure themes including Contrast Enhancer, Green Ray, Blue Ray and RGB. By clicking the icon labeled A below, you can choose from the four styles above and find the most detailed exposure to shoot cinematic-style movies. We are also providing this paid app 100% free so you don’t have to open the Google Play store and pay anything. Isn’t it amazing?

FiLMiC Pro mod apk

Adjust the resolution and Frame Rate on your videos as per your desire

video camera settings, the next thing everyone looks at is the video quality, resolution and frame rate. Video quality and resolution are the same thing. Fortunately, the Filmic Pro app is compatible offering resolution levels from Standard 540p to Ultra HD 4K options. You can also select the video size in the resolution section, from 16:9 smartphone videography to 1:1 and 4:3 videography. Then, The Filmic Pro APK offers different frame rate categories, from the fastest and smoothest, 12fps to the sharpest, 30fps. You can manage both capture and playback frame rates from within the Filmic Pro app!

Get matured to the advanced level with the handy video stabilization

Through many travels, we have recognized one important problem facing many times. Yes, we are talking about unstable video. Most of the time we capture or record video while in a vehicle or in dynamic air, resulting in unsteady video every time. We faced this problem but couldn’t find a solution on the internet other than the comments to buy the most expensive iPhone and Google Pixel phone. But nobody said that you can download Filmic Pro APK from below download link and get rid of unstable video recordings. Yes, you can really be happy because now the Filmic Pro app provides free stabilization to stabilize all covered videos.

Make your own presets and stop wasting time in managing Settings

Presets are the follow-up magic permissions provided by the Filmic Pro APK, and these days you can find them in any Android video shooting app near you. In more detail, the Filmic Pro APK gives you the power to create your own presets on your camera, including your desired exposure and ISO details. It’s a simple process and you will love this feature of the Filmic Pro app!

Final Verdict

We dreamed a lot of bringing new styles and cinematography to Videography, but the only thing we lacked was an Android smartphone. Fortunately, there is now a way to use the Filmic Pro APK. You are now ready to download and install the app on your Android smartphone. Just hit the giant green download button below! enjoy!

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