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Final Fantasy IV has been out for a long time, back in 1991 to be exact. Due to its popularity, it has been ported to various platforms. At the time, the game had sold millions of copies and created a worldwide craze. Although it doesn’t stand out too much from any parts list. Final Fantasy IV certainly deserves to be the basis for future sequel development. At the same time, it brings a plot with many details and widely used characters.


Download Final Fantasy IV mod – Protect the world from evil witches

In this part 4, players will see many obvious changes compared to the first part 3. If you play the previous 3 games, you will be able to feel the clear difference made by the publisher. To make the player experience as perfect as possible. A lot of new content has been added. Not related to the previous part, but with the plot. However, it still has an atmosphere of exciting action and adventure.


Nicknamed the famous dark knight whose mission is to destroy the evil witch Golbez. A man blinded by power plots to steal the Crystal of Power. Because he has great strength, he gave our knight a lot of trouble. But with strong comrades. You will help him defeat the evil Golbez. Bringing peace and tranquility to the world. That’s the whole point of this fourth part.

Main characters

Players control up to 5 characters. Explore the land and defeat the monsters that stand in your way. An Active Time Battle system intrinsically related to the Final Fantasy series. Characters will attack and fight on their turn. Use your tactics to defeat your enemies and complete your missions. At the same time, players can change their character’s job mid-match. Bring many advantages and strategies to win easily. The graphics have been greatly improved from 8-bit to 3D in this mobile version. It is very suitable for young gamers to experience.


Adventure through dungeons and challenges

The protagonist of Final Fantasy IV is Cecil Harvey, the dark knight we talked about. In this fourth part of the world, you will live with many friends inside and outside the territory. The first is Cecil’s best friend, Commander Kain Highwind of the Dragon Knights. He has amazing dragon powers. Next up is Rosa Farrell, a white witch and an archer with powerful magic. At the same time, she is Cecil’s lover. Along with many other characters, you will encounter them while traveling through various lands. They all have special powers that you can absorb. Learn to fight and coordinate your characters together.

Kill the boss of the game

An adventure across different lands. Dozens of locations, from the Mist Village to the Kingdom of Damxian, the Magical Village of Mysidia, and more. They are very large and have a specific size and population density. Especially in remote areas, there are many dungeons and wandering monsters. Sometimes you will be given a mission to destroy them for a reward. Follow the story or do simple side quests. Most have important messages or clues on the quest to destroy Golbaz. You may or may not collect the puzzle pieces you need. In general, the world of Final Fantasy IV is very large and diverse.

A creature of a strange race. With a desire to destroy all humans in the world. Let his race live on Earth in peace and without secrecy. It was he who manipulated the mind of the dark wizard Golbez to destroy the world. Manipulate Cain with spiritual powers to activate the giant Babel to serve his ambitions to take over the entire planet. You must confront the evil villain to defeat his plot. This is a very difficult battle and requires a lot of skill and tactics to win.

Anything mentioned in this article is not intended to be disclosed to you. There are still many interesting details that can only be felt by playing the game. Are you ready for war to protect the world? Bring miracles to humanity yet with your powerful teammates. Download the Final Fantasy IV mod now and battle whenever you want.

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