Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK 2.3.10 (Unlimited money, boss time, moonstone)

Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK (Unlimited money, boss time, moonstone) v2.3.10

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Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK (Unlimited money, boss time, moonstone)

Godzilla is the ultimate human scourge, and he will return once again in Godzilla Defense Force. This time will obviously be far more dangerous. It’s not just one Godzilla, it’s because a race of gigantic monsters gather to destroy the world. There will be no heroes who appear out of nowhere and repel them. Only you can prevent these disasters. Stay focused and get ready to fight in major cities around the world. Summons all of humanity’s greatest strength. Defeat the once famous giant monsters and defeat them once and for all. Are you ready to become an elite anti-monster commander?

Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK

Download Godzilla Defense Force mod – Repel the attack of giant monsters

The monster world has brought dozens of different monster species to the big screen. From 1954 until now, works related to monsters and giant monsters have always been well received by audiences. A total of 29 monster movies have been released so far. And again, the monsters that appeared in those 29 movies are conspiring to destroy the world in the game Godzilla Defense Force. In game you will play the role of an army commander. Acquire resources and power-ups to summon everything humanity has to fight monsters.

Godzilla Defense Force  APK

Each mission in Godzilla Defense Force is located in a specific city in the world. An announcement was made about the appearance of a giant monster. It is causing mayhem and wants to destroy all life here. If we can’t let that happen, we will call upon the might of humanity to fight. Humanity’s powers include armies. Different types of tanks, jeeps and fighters for different levels. Earn extra money by attacking giant monsters to summon your fighting troops. The more money you earn, the more powers you can upgrade.

Against famous monsters

The building system is what you have to spend money on to build buildings. By creating these structures, you can get a variety of armies. Leveling up your buildings also helps increase the intensity of your powers. Of course, the higher the level, the more money you need to upgrade. Do continuous damage to Kaiju to earn more. Defeat them completely and you will receive a reward and a lot of money. Also, if the monster is too strong, it will summon a secret weapon that you will learn about in the next section.

Godzilla Defense Force MOD

Missions around the world

Coming off the big screen, all the monsters from the MonsterVerse return in Godzilla Defense Force. This is a unique opportunity to revisit some of the most famous monsters. At the same time, observe the appearance and fighting style of monsters that have not yet appeared in the movie. Iconic names like Godzilla, King Kong, Mechagodzilla, Behemoth, Leviathan… They all come back and attack the big city. Depending on the physical characteristics of these creatures, they exert various powers. A tough challenge for human forces and players. Defeating certain monsters requires a combination of many elements and strategies.

Summon huge power

The appearance of the monster was not predicted at all. They will appear in many parts of the world, mainly in busy cities. Different cities have different terrain designs. This is the most important factor in determining your play style. Consider how many military bases your city has in total. The number and location of construction jobs also greatly influence our victories. Sometimes monsters use their powers to destroy buildings. Rebuild to preserve strength and continue to damage. Hold out until the secret weapon is summoned.

This will give us great power to stop the giant monsters. In the bottom corner of the screen is an energy bar with a maximum energy of 8. To accumulate energy, you must continue fighting giant monsters. You will also receive a few monster cards during the battle. Monster cards summon or affect giant characters against monsters, consuming all their energy. It can be a card that increases defense and creates a shield on our side. Increasing strength or combat speed increases damage. Summoning the giant Ultraman or Godzilla himself, Mechagodzilla fights the monster himself.

Gather resources to upgrade your army. Collect cards to power up or summon heroes of justice against giant monsters. Fight idle and collect various resources without putting too much effort into it. The battles in Godzilla Defense Force mod will help you spend hours of more fun entertainment.

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