Grand Battle Royale v3.5.1 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money, VIP)

Grand Battle Royale MOD APK v3.5.1

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Android 4.4
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(Mega Menu, Unlimited Money, VIP)
Sep 18, 2021
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Grand Battle Royale MOD APK

 Grand Battle Royale MOD

Grand Battle Royale is inspired by the Japanese Battle Royale promoter that throws players on an island sprinkled with weapons and shows who can survive in the game.Hurry up and fight to be the last hero standing in the pixel block game

Get ready for the upcoming exciting 3D Grand Battle Royale. What makes the game better than others is how you can fight in an online multiplayer mode and experience a new open-world setting. Let’s try to be the last survival in the battlefields, and don’t miss to increase your skills and grow your skills without a penny!

General information

Once played for the first time, it’s not hard to see the box graphics from the start. Not only that but the entire map is a pixelated 3D planet. Just fight your way around this Minecraft world for a simple experience. Trust me, who doesn’t like Rambo using his sword and guns to wipe out all the enemies on a distant island?

Take this opportunity to play the same character in a lifetime on the mobile platform but PUBG is good on PC. Even more impressive, you can engage in multiplayer mobile combat whether you’re at home or on the go. All the players here are to jump out of the plane, search for loot and destroy the enemies.

 Grand Battle Royale MOD

Be careful because on this dead land, you have to defeat each opponent to become the last survivor! However, after landing in the area, try to move around for more weapons and items to collect and ensure your safety. Just find the best weapons possible, from Assault Rifle, SMG, pistol to sniper rifle.

Now go and conquer the entire battlefield after grabbing your pixel weapons and shooting your enemies. Feel free to land in the middle of buildings or out in the country.

Right after hitting the ground running, the first thing you need to do is get quality armor. Does it inspire you? Well, the game is similar to Battlelands Royale , a shooting game where you parachute, loot, shoot and survive!. Just playing and exploring yourself.

Most of the tools you have, especially if you’re looking for a shotgun or an ax on the go. There are six different modes available for you to play, including zombie mode, sniper mode, battle royale, gun game, and team play.

It’s a simple, fast and powerful battle royale game that every player will love to play on the server. You will have the opportunity to fight against several enemies with the goal of surviving at any cost. Your courage and strength are most evident when you are abandoned on a dead island where you know you have to fight.

 Grand Battle Royale MOD

Overall assessments

Come explore your surroundings and find something good to fight. Guns and swords are best used with grenades. Watch out for the little kids that stick around you, then kill them to survive the game. The game is very fun and very good. A lot of players don’t think it’s very good.

However, some are still hoping for more gun maps and additional models in future updates. The game is good but it needs to be updated to make the battle for diamonds better. There is nothing better than an AWM sniper, more burns, and more abilities to use, so it would be awesome to add one of those to the game.

In addition, the players will have more information to make the game more enjoyable. For example, a battle pass should be added when more players can join a game. This way, it’s easier to add players without accessing them, including a chat box where you can chat with them outside of the game.

Among many good things to say, comparison is sometimes bad. How? Because some rewards including battle stars and coins you can earn every day will not fall into your pocket. It always happens when the timer goes up, not down. These errors should be corrected for a higher reviewer rating.

 Grand Battle Royale MOD


Play the Grand Battle Royale now – a fun and exciting shooting MMO game that you can play on Android device. The game is free to play and lets you shoot around with fellow survivors on a strange island. While you’re locked and loaded, you can defend yourself against other players roaming the map.

Following the PUBG style, camping behind the scenes can’t save you for a long time as the maps become smaller and smaller. What if you don’t win the fight? You need to collect more in-game coins to re-enter the battle. Or player has to buy new skins for his character.

The location of the battlefield is an abandoned island and a dead city in another part of the sea. It is surrounded by the mythical blue zone. Your only task here is to stay in a safe place as long as possible and destroy all the enemies. As you fight in Multiplayer Online mode, you will engage in epic PVP gameplay against other players around the world.

Guns will appear randomly throughout Grand Battle Royale, so explore the terrain carefully.Last updated on June 2020. The game can be installed on the mobile platform.

 Grand Battle Royale MOD


It combines the elements of Minecraft with elements of the previous War. I’m sure you’ll love the cartoony visuals, which are a nice contrast to the violent nature of the game. You get into the air and move around on the island from one to another for hunting.

The game is easy to control and its graphics are great, even for low-quality phones. So, I wish more people know it and download it so more players get into the game. For those who like games with a blocking texture, Grand Battle Royale is for them!

Final words

Are you one of the millions of battle royale game players out there looking for another new platform to play? Grand Battle Royale Mod APK is the most competitive pixel game for you to try this time.

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