House Designer Fix and Flip v1.23 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

House Designer Fix and Flip MOD APK v1.23

Last Modified - July 4, 2024 Adventure
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Adventure
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(Unlimited Money)
May 29, 2024
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House Designer Fix and Flip MOD APK

House Designer: Fix & Flip is a cleaning game that allows players to clean multiple houses with different problems. You have your own house and you can renovate it as you wish with the money you have. At the same time, you have to earn money to buy more items and there are various tasks waiting for you to complete, so you will take your time to discover the fun that this gameplay has to offer.

House Designer Fix and Flip 1


The main gameplay experience of House Designer: Fix & Flip is that you clean a house all by yourself and add the necessary element to make it more impressive. At the same time in the game you will find many different location and your gameplay is divided into many activity around cleaning and renovating the house. Therefore, players will take their time to complete the requirements of this game.

House Designer Fix and Flip 2

You control your character from a first-person perspective and can manually control the character’s activities. You can change your rotation to more conveniently observe the surrounding elements and interact with certain parts. In particular, you find a point on the screen. When you point it at an object and perform an interaction, you have to wait a few minutes for the process to complete and an object like garbage will disappear.

House Designer Fix and Flip 3


When you start House Designer, you will find a house and can move into it freely. You can see whether you hold the cleaning tool or not to interact with some objects and clean them properly. Similar to cleaning in real life, some stains or trash can only be removed with a corresponding tool, so you can clean them automatically or use the money to speed up the process.

You will find a list of things to do, which contains information and locations to help you navigate properly. At the same time, for each operation, an amount is indicated that is required to speed up the cleanup. So, with the money you have at the beginning of the game, you can see the change in the house after performing some activities. You should only use this feature when you come across items that are difficult to clean or when you buy new items for the house.

House Designer Fix and Flip 4


After completing the money clearing process in House Designer, you will see how much money you have left and it will be quite modest. So you need to look for a job and you will find several tables with tabs. The house you are standing in is on the reality tab and you are renovating this house in your own way. You will see a list of jobs you can take and the corresponding amount you can get if you complete it for the work tab.

House Designer Fix and Flip 5

You will see the number of rooms you need to clean and the tasks you need to complete in each room. When you move to another room, this request will automatically change to match your current location. To make sure you don’t miss any important items, you will need to complete each room’s quest. You will also realize that there are many things you need to clean in a room and you will also know how many items you still need to clean.


  • You can work as a garden designer or a house designer.
  • Create harmony and beauty in your garden by combining it with the comfortable decorative items and furniture you have placed in your garden.
  • Use a lawn mower and a rake to maintain your lawn.
  • Plant flowers in your garden and create garden beds with exotic plants.
  • Install a canopy over the pool area and place comfortable chairs under it, or lay tiles around the pool area and place sun loungers under it. It all depends on you. Create a plan for the entire garden based on your vision.
  • Garden design can transform your garden into a comfortable, attractive and – most importantly – distinctive and unique place.

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