Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.2.2

Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) v1.2.2

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Feb 10, 2021
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Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money)

Idle Police Tycoon is a game where you run a police headquarters. No matter how society develops, units that ensure safety and order in each sphere are still needed. Their names vary from country to country. However, most are called police departments. Whenever something is out of the ordinary, this power will be present immediately. Players will be investors who will use their money to develop this place. Idle Police Tycoon is a really good deal where you can make a lot of money. No matter how life changes, the police still play a pivotal role in law enforcement.

Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK

Players must try to become a cop. However, it is not required to perform the day-to-day work of an employee. You are the one who has the role of making everything boom. Expand your influence by taking advantage of conditions in your small police headquarters. This place was born to serve people, so don’t be too attached to profit. Once you satisfy people, things are definitely beyond expectations.

Download Idle Police Tycoon mod – Build and develop police department

In fact, the National Police Agency is also a business model. The difference is the function of serving people’s lives. Every day there are many things that require the intervention of the law. Players create legal systems by investing smart money. We build infrastructure with the best manpower. Idle Police Tycoon is essentially an investment strategy. Unlike opening a restaurant or other service, police departments are not as profitable, but more sustainable than other sectors. Utilize it to expand your police station to have the best and optimal quality.

Idle Police Tycoon MOD


Investments and more powerful upgrades are required to be able to earn a lot of money. Infrastructure, staff, and equipment are just a few examples of where policing should be prioritized. Build more new areas, find the best materials and hire serious officers for them to work for. Become a smart investor and learn how to use your money wisely. Idle Police Tycoon provides players with challenging challenges. There is no time pressure like sitting in a classroom. This is a matter of life. Let’s solve it step by step and get the best result. The police headquarters’ success will be a testament to all players.

Idle Police Tycoon APK


Players need staff serious enough to ensure the quality of their work. Choose a famous officer. They are nightmarish symbols of crime deterrence. Idle Police Tycoon also requires management skills from players. There will be people who do sloppy work and force the decision to fire. These situations happen everywhere and police departments are no exception. Materials, equipment, people, everything comes from your money. Invest in the most effective way.

Resource management

All activities at the police station must be done with care to avoid unnecessary errors. For example, powering agents and transferring skills can have dire consequences. Idle Police Tycoon simulates everything as if you are a real investor. Improve your skills to complete this game well.

Ensure that the community is always satisfied with the quality of service of the police team. Employees will always be satisfied with the best working conditions and will be rewarded for their efforts at the same time. Try investing in a management style, free label. Learn how to formulate a strategy that can increase your profitability. Download Idle Police Tycoon modhaxy to become an investor and create a prestigious police headquarters.

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