JustFall.LOL v1.150.1 MOD APK (Super Jump, Fly)

JustFall.LOL MOD APK v1.150.1

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(Super Jump, Fly)
Jan 30, 2023
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Does your daily life seem too slow? It is a place where cute penguins live together. But when it comes to taking on challenges, everyone needs to do their best. Remain in first place by masterfully overcoming the most difficult situations. You will see that this is no easy feat.


Download JustFall.LOL mod – Show high-level skill level

When we think of battle royale gameplay, we often think of complex survival games. But not only that, there are other, more special quarters. JustFall.LOL is a prime example of a simple yet engaging genre. In general, the images in the game are simple but not schematic. The ultra-smooth movements give the player a more engaging feel. You need high control skills if you want to win.

JustFall.LOL MOD

In the cold Antarctic land, penguins are holding a big competition. You will control a penguin to participate in this competition. The game rules are simple. Whoever holds their position in the hexagon the longest wins. This hexagon continues to collapse as pieces disappear. You will have to be very skillful to move between the pieces of this puzzle so you don’t fall down. Beginners will need to get used to the motions. You can increase your chances of winning simply by practicing hard every day. See how far you can develop your skills.

Customize appearance

You can push other penguins, and they can too. Create the fiercest competition to be the best. Don’t give anyone a chance to take away your current advantage. Cowardly tactics are needed to survive.

JustFall.LOL APK

You can differentiate your penguin from others. Do this by changing the details of your character’s body. The penguin’s default color is black, which can be easily changed. You can color it like blue, red, purple, yellow or any color you like. Because of this distinctive appearance, penguins are easily distinguishable from other individuals. Helps improve concentration on the character you control. The difference will make you better when you come out victorious. Try these changes to see how interesting they are.

Fight with others

A battle royale game where you connect with other online players. Instead of playing with your mechs in a boring way, add some drama to your battles. Each player has a unique skill level and is randomly selected for the match. So you will have to do your best to get over these guys. Never underestimate your enemies because they can defeat you at any moment. Use this great opportunity to knock someone out of the game. Consistently maintain your position on the leaderboards so as not to get the lowest result. Prove that you are the most skilled player.

Diverse game modes

Besides the basic game modes, JustFall.LOL also offers many other interesting options. For example, in parkour mode you have to constantly jump over puzzle pieces. Just Jump mode has a large wooden bar in the middle that rotates clockwise. You need to scan the surrounding locations and jump to avoid them. In Just Blocks mode, you have to deftly overcome oncoming walls. Each method offers an interesting style. It helps improve adaptability and should increase understanding. There you will also get better every day and never get bored.

Invite friends

Playing alone may not be as fun as playing with friends. JustFall.LOL allows you to create custom matches. There you can invite your friends or relatives and have a good time. Compete to see who is more skillful and agile in critical challenges. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about being with the people you love. Sharing the joy with them is the wish of many players. So don’t hesitate to recommend this game to your friends. JustFall.LOL, the mod won’t let you down.

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