Life is a Game v2.4.25 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Life is a Game MOD APK v2.4.25

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 GAMES
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(Unlimited Gems)
Apr 27, 2022
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Life is a Game MOD APK

 Life is a Game mod

Life is a Game is a remarkable game; it brought a lot of different emotions to the players, from recovery, ecstatic euphoria, and dealt with characters growing through each stage, from infancy to adulthood. Thanks to the beautiful pixel graphics, the game takes you to a whole new world, free to choose a job, a hobby,… what you miss and what you want.


As the show is named, people often joke that life is like a game. Your mission is to run around and collect coins. Each coin in the game is different. Players use coins to change clothes and lifestyle. Run to relive everything you’ve been through and make mark. Through every phase of human life. Your opponent is none other than yourself.

The longer you run, the more coins you collect, the longer you will live. There will be virtual keys on the screen to make it easier for players to control character. The play describes every stage of human development with great accuracy. From childhood, gradually grew into girls, teenagers and eventually grew, turned into dust.

 Life is a Game mod

FIND YOUR Hobby, Passion

Each stage of life will have different wants and desires, and in this play, Life is a Game, it clearly deals with all that happens in that process. Start with a default baseline. And you can choose your profession and clothing freely after you find yourself a coin that suits you. Passion, hobbies or family, friends will make your life more interesting, and these will be the tools that will equip you on the journey to discover the values ​​of life.

The decisions you make when you are young will affect your life later in life when you are older or at end. For example, when you were a child, you chose painting, you could grow up to be an artist, an artist, on the other hand, if you chose an instrument, when you grew up, you could become a musician, an artist,.

 Life is a Game free mod


Life is a Game of animated images made of special pixels—a true representation of life through small actions. Let’s run and collect coins. Costumes change depending on how many coins you earn. Enjoy the show and hear the sounds of this exciting life. This will be an experience you have never had before.

Each section will have different variations. Look at every feeling in this life, there is joy, there is happiness, there is sadness,… The special thing is that you will go through everything with your family or friends. Your life will become unpleasant and boring with hobbies, family, friends,.

Plus, regularly check your health, happiness index, and lifetime relationships with the buttons on the game screen. Change everything with the options involved.

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