Love Sick v1.110.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Keys)

Love Sick MOD APK v1.110.7

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Dec 12, 2022
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Love Sick MOD APK

Love Sick mod

Love Sick creates a love story with the main character at your disposal. The virtual world is full of fantasy elements that can help you write your story uniquely. Any meetings, emergencies, or stories will confuse you. So having a pretty face or perfect style will help you attract a wider audience. This is a personal life; you’ll take care of everything when the Valentine’s version comes out!


In order to keep up with the fun Love Sick brings, players have to build the perfect character for themselves. That would be your best kind. After the style changes, you need to define the default style. This will be your permanent option for future meetings. This is reflected in behavior and communication. Appropriate clothes also help you to be attractive to the other person.

Courtship skills are also an important factor in quickly defeating an opponent. When you come across topics that make you feel good, attack them immediately and don’t complicate things. How would story conversations change if you handled them at your discretion? Your attitude determines the ultimate outcome.


Much of the work in Sick Love is about meeting and creating relationships. Meetings allow you to learn different information about your partner. The main characters are revealed from interactions and actions and words, and casting is easier. The material will make you happy to be with them. However, unexpected circumstances can change things.

The difficulty of the game is in unexpected situations and holds you back. Revealing their previous articles or stories would make the truth hard for any player to accept. To stay calm in front of them, it’s important to get out more and play the role of gentleman when you’re involved. Will the person on your meeting list match your ideal type? What makes you shudder? All mysteries will be solved when this activity begins!


In addition to creating plenty of opportunities for everyone to build their own characters and explore Love Sick as the main character, the system allows you to choose whatever story you go through. Hundreds of different issues and disturbing situations will appear in these stories, most of which are based on familiar information. But the attraction of this series is that you get to play the main role and play your role well.

Some of the main stories you might deserve to see are student life, discovery activities, or wealthy marriages. The most common is the love affair between vampires and middle school students. For stories about marriage, the process will make them more tragic through unpredictable circumstances.


Love Sick provides the best opportunities for actors to shine and be creative. The unique story that the system will suggest to you always brings a new and exciting feeling. Many difficult situations require a conclusion. However, you can only enjoy happiness or accept defeat when these stories are over. There are many more opportunities ahead, and the story will only stop if you succeed. Enjoy the sweet and romantic moment we built.

Love Sick: Love Stories Games Love Sick: Love Stories Games


.Solve multi-character emotional problems, role-play and complete exciting pair missions. Players experience many different emotions and have their own relationships.
.Build a picture of a girl with a different style. Personality is usually gentle, strong, or weak, and the style you use will determine your familiarity.
.Complete the challenge set by the plan with meaningful activities such as meetings, conversations, and sharing past memories. You have plenty of time to make them.
.Check out the stories provided by the system. Plus, you can get a sense of what it feels like to be directly involved in and complete that famous story.
.Get more if your relationship is good; more meaningful activities will happen when you learn and successfully pair together. Events will be recorded and archived.

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