Magic Streets v1.1.60 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Magic Streets MOD APK v1.1.60

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Android 7.0
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(Unlimited Money)
Feb 4, 2023
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Magic Streets MOD APK

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a knight who will fight and defend justice someday? I want to experience the feeling of fighting a powerful enemy with a certain weapon. Download Magic Streets and feel like a hero. Destroy your enemies using sharp weapons. Explore a vast world with lots of interesting things. And meet new friends and become friends with them.

Magic Streets MOD APK

It is a role-playing game in the form of virtual reality that is currently emerging. Like Pokemon Go, you will be able to travel everywhere with your feet. Wherever you go, your character will go wherever you want. A game that encourages players to move rather than sit still and play. This will help you burn a lot of calories, but at the cost of giving you an exciting feel for the game. Thus, helping players improve their health and exercise more. You will find yourself very resilient after experiencing this game. Immerse yourself in the world of knights. Go on an adventure where you’ve never been before.

Download Magic Streets – Join the heroic adventure

In the game, you can choose what profession you want to play as an archer, knight or wizard. Your task is to hit the roads and embark on exciting adventures in virtual reality based on your actual location. Along the way, you will come across many things, such as places that supply supplies for your needs. Other players are also joining the Baby don’t adventure. Or a ferocious monster blocking the middle of the road. You can interact with everything at the touch of a button. When you click on a monster, you have to fight the monster. Click on a store to go to that store and purchase items directly. It’s all on your way.

Magic Streets MOD

Upgrade your character

You need to upgrade your character to get really strong and be able to continue your journey. You can create sturdy armor or powerful weapons that match your skills. Equip your character with that powerful weapon to increase your fighting power. Pay attention to improving the skills of your chosen profession and upgrading these skills to very high levels. This will make the combat abilities of your chosen class better and more perfect. This allows you to find and collect powerful allies. You no longer have to go through this difficult and arduous journey alone.

Attractive combat system

Magic Streets has a very engaging and interesting combat system. There will be thousands of challenges waiting for you to engage and explore. Prepare yourself with the most appropriate and powerful weapon. They will help you in tough and intense encounters with monsters and other players. Dungeons full of dangerous creatures await you. Let’s dive into it and discover the treasure hidden within. Eliminate all the monsters in the dungeon using your powerful fighting skills. Recover valuable loot carefully hidden in deadly traps.

Magic Streets Free Mod

Explore the big world

The world of Magic Streets is very large and not limited by any framework. You are free to explore anywhere on this planet. Everywhere you go is unknown land. Use the navigation system to find merchants, resources or treasure, and even enemies. Both the main and side stories have many surprises waiting for you to complete. Use portals intelligently to travel between worlds. Where stronger enemies await you. Crafting stations can be built to craft unique equipment. Please complete all missions.

You are not alone on the road of the knight’s endless adventure. Meet and socialize with other players. Through direct trade, you can chat with each other or exchange valuable items. You can also invite your friends to complete quests together. Together, complete difficult tasks that require high teamwork. Join a specific guild to become stronger. Download the Magic Streets mod now, transform into a hero, join in and a journey full of mysteries and intrigues awaits you. Grab powerful weapons and explore the unknown.

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