Mental Hospital VI MOD APK (Unlimited Battery) 1.05.01

Mental Hospital VI MOD APK (Unlimited Battery) v1.05.01

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 Action
Aug 16, 2020
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Mental Hospital VI MOD APK (Unlimited Battery)

An exciting and heart-pounding horror chase. The character you have to run away from is you. And behind them are dark forces with many demonic creatures. Doesn’t that sound scary and creepy? But since you love that feeling, Mental Hospital VI is definitely for you. A critically acclaimed action horror game. Come to this dark and mysterious asylum. The strangest and scariest creatures are waiting to be explored here. So that you can run into it and tear it apart at any time.

Mental Hospital VI MOD APK

Download Mental Hospital VI mod – Take stealth action to a new level

Most action horror games are based on many mysterious stories. In an abandoned creepy place. Same goes for Mental Hospital VI, set in an abandoned mental hospital in Santa Monica. You – a reporter from the local newspaper decided to come here. To address and bring back the most authentic news. To dispel rumors about strange occurrences at this hospital. All you need is a small camera and you will discover the most mysterious things behind the darkness.

Mental Hospital VI MOD

With a portable spinning reel. The main character will step into the mental hospital step by step. Explore every nook and cranny and bring precious images. The story doesn’t always run smoothly in Phase 1 alone. The main character looks anxious. When there are a lot of strange noises. The climax is when mutant monsters appear. You’re in a dark corner or you can run into your face at any time. Get ready to face many dangerous creatures. If you can’t escape and run into them, you will surely die a painful death.

Face a lot of weird monsters

Asylum VI has different levels. Get rewarded every time you complete a level and prepare for the next challenge. Missions range from shooting, exploring, and escaping monsters. You can also upgrade your camera to improve video quality. The most valuable news and documents available to the public. There are many mysterious plots and unpredictable episodes. Players will be swept away by quests and mysterious locations. The higher the risk, the more interesting the details.

Mental Hospital VI APK

Perfect suffocating atmosphere

Numerous other monsters in the game will always be approaching to harm you at any time. Most of them are mutant humans and animals. The deformed body parts look very strange and horrifying. The fact that they appear out of the dark and startle the player heightens the horror level to the max. Beware the overly violent scenes, which are rarely suitable for younger gamers. Monsters have different strengths and skills. Some types even equip their own weapons. You have to be very careful at high levels to preserve your life.

Find the clues of the stories

Mental Hospital VI does a really good job of expressing the atmosphere of the game’s own context. From making players feel a mysterious and exciting journey. Then reach many climaxes with frightening events. It leaves an exceptionally deep aftertaste, but it does not lack charm. The protagonists of this strange horror are not monsters. And it’s darkness, extreme cold. It’s sneaking, sneaking, and sweating that’s most evident at every step of the character. Then it’s all the horror stories behind it.

Hospital abandoned for years. It was unavoidable that it was messy and dirty everywhere. There are also scattered objects. An object can contribute to a story. It seems to reinforce the mystery that takes place here. Why does it happen and is there any way to fix it all? Feel the mystique and draw from the depths of darkness.

I want to advertise an upcoming horror movie. The details of Mental Hospital VI are displayed very nicely. Although it follows many trends of many famous horror products. However, the game still has its own charm. It does a lot of action on the heart. Sometimes he crept as quietly and silently as possible. This is an old experience that is very new to you. Download the Asylum VI mod now to enter this horror abandoned asylum.

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