Monsters War v1.8.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Skills. Money, Daily Packs)

Monsters War MOD APK v1.8.9

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(Unlimited Skills. Money, Daily Packs)
Dec 5, 2022
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Monsters War MOD APK

if you want to experience great battles, come to Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy. This is where most skilled monsters live and thrive. Fight against the terrifying invaders to stop them. Grow stronger and ready to accept any challenge presented to you.

Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy is the tower defense game of choice for many people. Simple but not boring is the goal. The image is reproduced in pixel form, making it more classic and exciting. Not only that, the gameplay is so varied that you can unleash your creativity. Use your mind to find new ways. Extremely intense battles that you own and control.

Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy MOD APK

Download Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy mod – Fight and defend your territory

Collecting, growing and fighting are the goals you need to figure out in this game. The way to adjust vo is simple, and anyone can do it quickly. Manually place the appropriate combat units into your army, then tap the wild card icon to summon them. By defeating enemies, you can earn more gold to collect more troops. If you destroy the opponent’s main house, your piece wins. With a specific strategy in place, you can quickly gain an advantage. So the match time is shortened and you win easily.

Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy MOD

Monster Collection

The world of Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy has more than 20 different types of monsters with unique abilities. All kinds of abilities can be used effectively in a variety of situations. Some can attack from a distance, possess huge HP or deal significant damage. Summoning them properly will help keep enemies from exploiting their weaknesses. Upgrade if you want to make your monster stronger. Monsters improve in abilities through each level. It has a powerful battle formation that can easily overwhelm the enemy. Makes attacks irresistible.

Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy APK

Through the realms

To expand your territory, you need to move your armies to other realms. Each realm has a unique design, just like the Norse mythology mentioned. These are the enemies that dominate the area you will face alongside him. Strategies for each location are also different depending on the game screen. To combat these specific attacks, practical solutions must be applied and developed. A monster’s weakness is what you need to target. Use it there to counter the nemesis you have. Every day things will get more and more difficult.

Use magic

During combat, an energy bar accumulates in the top corner of the screen. This mana is recharged based on the number of allies or enemies that fall. Upon reaching 100% energy, immediately summons a powerful meteor shower. It takes effect for a short time and quickly destroys all enemies on the field. You can activate this meteor shower at any time. Use it to turn the tide in the most difficult times. Can be used to subdue enemies and quickly end the current fight. Do not activate indiscriminately. otherwise it will be wasted.

Rank up

In this game, you compete directly with other players around the world. Participating in Ranked Mode is a way to earn a higher rank for yourself. Not unlike Story Mode, but your opponent will be another random player. They are smart and strong and have tactics that make it difficult for you. It’s not as predictable as playing with system’s bots. You need to adapt to the situation and be more responsive. Winning will allow you to accumulate more points and outperform other players. Become a leader in the war for a higher rank.

you are a fan of such battles, do not hesitate to download Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy mod to your device. It will satisfy you with best of strategy games.

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