Pixel Z Hunter 3D v4.1.8 MOD APK (High Gold Drop, One Hit Kill)

Pixel Z Hunter MOD APK v4.1.8

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(High Gold Drop, One Hit Kill)
Feb 12, 2023
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Pixel Z Hunter MOD APK

Pixel Z Hunter 3D MOD APK

But ultimately, with a strong will to survive, it will be you who will change that. You will become a hero with fighting power comparable to that of a commando. Defeat thousands of zombies and go wherever you want. Run away and survive in a style no one else can. You are the one who will bring great hope to the future of mankind. don’t be late Begin a journey that should have been completed a long time ago.

Download Pixel Z Hunter 3D mod – Survive and defeat the undead

Shooting is a subject that has been around for years and in many variations. Not to mention the zombie scenes that Pixel Z Hunter 3D is based on. Instead, we’ll have a post-apocalyptic world complete with a 3D perspective. Even Minecraft enthusiasts will be very excited about the blocky graphics. With the spirit of steel, we are creating a new era for people.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the entire population of the planet has been severely affected. Almost all of them had been transformed into unconscious beings. They chase moving targets, knowing only death. As one of the survivors, you are on a mission to find hope for humanity. Now let’s start the purification process by grabbing your gun and killing the zombies. You have to aim and fire accurately at the target. When the zombie’s HP runs out, the weapon destroys the zombie. When all the zombies are gone, you are the winner and get out of there.

Weapon Crafting

The weapons you use are directly related to your progress through the levels. It serves to damage enemies and make them lie down as quickly as possible. You will use a famous line of guns from real life, from pistols and shotguns to rifles and machine guns. You will go from the lowest level weapon to the highest level machine gun. You can see the pros and cons of these guns when using them. However, they all have one thing in common. You will do more damage when aiming for the head. So, accumulate and own the most powerful tools.

Various maps

This step includes the location of an abandoned house in the city, suburbs or in the mountains. Each location offers different rewards for harvesting. However, enemies will also turn into unique types that you have never faced before. Make your character harder to win. It’s best to combine movement with innovative combat so you’re not at a disadvantage whenever an enemy can push you to the final stage. Then you can’t get out quickly.

Unique costumes

Don’t worry if your character is a bit old. You can easily change your appearance. Go to the options and see the whole new look in the collection. Clowns, zombies, office workers and many more are available. You can be unique and make your quest more interesting. The price of a dress depends on the beauty it brings. So you can work hard to make your character completely new. Don’t be shy when you can be different. It can give you more inspiration to play very effectively.

Use skills

If you don’t know, your character can use unique skills. These skills include using grenades and acrobatics while facing enemies. Before throwing grenades, you must buy and stock up on a certain amount. Then, when you encounter a massive horde of zombies, you can throw them at them. Grenades do a lot of salt damage for quicker destruction. Acrobatics allow your character to dodge an attack if used at the right time. These abilities are useful weapons for mastering the game Pixel Z Hunter 3D mod.

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