RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme v1.1.60 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK v1.1.60

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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 GAMES
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(Unlimited Money)
Jan 16, 2023
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RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK

You’ve probably seen the terrifying power of monster trucks in real life. Now their level is much higher than RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme. Join a race like no other in the world. Attack enemies with all the weapons your racing car has. Beat all other racers and find a way to claim victory. Ruthless and experienced riders dominate the track.


Download RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme mod – Control terrible machines

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme from SMOKOKO LTD is a formidable contender for all racing games. The advantages of top-notch 3D graphics and groundbreaking gameplay will make players feel hypnotized. Immerse yourself in dramatic battles as you race. Take your skills and operations beyond your limits. We present a new wind that everyone can experience once in a lifetime.


Vehicle upgrade

Become a furious racer and enter the arena in search of glory. However, this will not be an ordinary race that anyone can go through. Exclusively for monster trucks with horrors hidden inside. The rules of the game are no different from regular races, but there are special ones. Cars are loaded with weapons and every racer can do anything to win. Even if you play wrong, no one can judge you in this horrible place. Control monsters with skilled control skills. Survive and reach the top to earn valuable rewards from your sponsors.


One against all

You can build up nitro energy by picking up items on the road during a race. When this energy is sufficient, the truck temporarily accelerates. Creates a massive breakthrough that quickly leaves enemies in dust. Use this wisely to get maximum benefit.

Upgrade your vehicle to make it more powerful and easy to dominate. However, you must reach the required level to upgrade. Each car has up to 30 levels and you level up your car using accumulated gold. Reaching level 10, 20 or 30 will unlock new accessories for your car. Attach these accessories to maximize speed, stability, or weapon damage. Each vehicle will have its own characteristics in the races it participates in. Once you master your vehicle, you can easily occupy important positions.

Without limits

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme has you fighting alone on challenging tracks. Every player around you is an enemy you have to defeat. All use your weapons and use your fighting skills to achieve your goals. Be careful not to fall off the track quickly. Choose the best weapon you can use against anyone who gets in your way. Your arsenal always has things to protect you and keep you alive on the track.

Other games try to limit players to some form of boredom. But RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme has none of that. The game won’t challenge your skills with trifles like that. Instead, beware of dangerous opponents. Their weapons can remove you from your tracks at any time. The recklessness of each rider was enough to create considerable difficulties. Continue straight on your chosen path and fight freely. You don’t even need petrol and nothing can stop the giant monster.

Hot Races

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme creates many racing tracks with different terrain for players. Each method will have a unique design that creates many great challenges. A sharp curve can cause the vehicle to skid. Scramble is required to get items scattered on the road. Cliffs will make monsters extremely tired to overcome. But every effort is worth it when there is a victory. Download the RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme mod now and choose your powerful monster truck.

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