Release AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Skills) 2.1.2

Release AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Skills) v2.1.2

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Release AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Skills)

Enter the ancient world of magic and monster jobs in Release AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG. You will now be one of the bravest people to use your talents to save people. Use your skills freely to attack enemies in front from a third-person perspective. On the game’s battlefield, you can fight enemies individually or form a team. Matches with large crowds created great competition. You will also engage in a journey of gathering resources and crafting weapons on the battlefield. Use your skills and reflexes to outwit all opponents to protect yourself.


Download Release AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG mod – Return of role-playing heroes

A quest system helps you gain experience and gold by interacting with NPCs. The game changes the plot and levels you up depending on the quests you complete. There is also an opportunity to obtain high-level equipment and valuable materials through the chase. Or work hard to complete tasks and unlock achievements because you deserve a reward. Choose your favorite character and your journey begins. Then start playing through tutorials on the features you need to learn the best. Then complete the first mission and explore the mechanics of the game.


The game helps players role-play as heroes and battle each other in a magical world. Choose a class, join a guild, and interact with everyone. Bravely face monsters everywhere and get equipment from them. Engage your foes on the battlefield by relying on your best friend’s fighting prowess. Craft forehand weapons and collect materials to upgrade them. You can also choose how to develop your powers in order to become superior. Overtake others and return to the race of the most powerful heroes in the game.

Skill system depending on the character

Each hero comes with a unique class and their skills are also dependent on your choices. For example, if you follow the melee class, a powerful gladiator will appear and take control. Or you can become a magician with arcane spells and skills. Completing quests in achievements grants you skill points. Upgrading using skill points unlocks the character’s skill system. Associate mastery skills and hotkeys and switch them dynamically. Distinguish between a character’s passive skills and active skills to prevent confusion with attached skills.


Crafting and upgrading equipment

Your heroes will be given equipment that increases your attack and parry against enemies. Use equipment dedicated to your character class and fight against others. Attack gear will make fighting easier and defeating monsters will no longer be difficult. Getting weapons won’t be complicated when you meet and buy weapons sellers. It can also help you craft and upgrade weapons and many other features. Adding fuel to your weapons and equipment will help improve them effectively. Collect evolution items from monsters to keep weapon evolution unstoppable.

Hero guild

Players come together to form a team of heroes to complete missions. Team members cannot get lost in each other because they have separate group symbols. Joining a party allows members to deal more damage to monsters and enemies. The higher the enemy’s health, the greater the attack power of you and your teammates. The item drop rate of monsters also increases when fighting together. Conversations between you and other members are also more accessible. Share the benefits fairly with others in your guild.

Choose the character class with your best fighting abilities. By completing tasks in the system, you will receive equipment and combat weapons. Practice and unlock hero skills the fastest, up to level 10. Attach that skill to your skill box so you can fight on the battlefield. Equipment can be obtained by purchasing or completing quests. Download the AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG mod to gather heroes in guilds and fight each other.

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