RPG Ruinverse MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked) 1.1.5g

RPG Ruinverse MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked) v1.1.5g

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Oct 30, 2022
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RPG Ruinverse MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked)

RPG Ruinverse is a fantasy RPG set in a magical world full of magic. A mythical world inhabited by tribes of humans, beasts, dwarves and elves. Players create the perfect squad of heroes full of skills. Then engage in fierce battles. The thrilling story revolves around a girl named Allie and a friendly transporter named Kit. You are free to create your battle team.

RPG Ruinverse MOD APK

Along with a class skill system that increases your team’s reputation. The character teams are designed to be very attractive and close to the player animation style. The game follows a logical, interconnected story from start to finish.

Download RPG Ruinverse mod – Join the role-playing war with Kit and Allie

Players follow red-haired Kit and his bubbly childhood friend Allie. Plots are accessed through a rectangular chat box at the bottom of the screen. This place is like the inside of a rich family campus. The rooms are made of wood with full amenities that look close to each other. After talking with the instructor, you will be redirected to a board where you select skills and outfits. When everything is ready, it’s time for players to go into battle against the enemy team. Kit and Allie also worked with a doctor quack doctor con artist. And a dumb dwarf roamed this noble quest.
RPG Ruinverse Mode

RPG Ruinverse MOD

Soul Swap

What makes the plot special is that Allie has two different souls. Whenever she comes into contact with Kit, the two souls are swapped. Discover the magic happening within your team as the adventure unfolds. The field of mystery hides a special secret as you come and go in search of evidence. Use the hidden passage, climb the stairs and solve all the puzzles to open the door. Skill control commands change in chronological order. And this directly determines the character’s speed and behavior.

RPG Ruinverse APK

Character skills

The personalities of the members in the game are built somewhat darkly. As you know, contact with Kit changes Allie’s soul. Then the character of a clumsy girl will change to that of a calm man. Likewise, when her player wants to change her girl’s style, Allie can take her to her Kit. Not only that, but the personality of the other members also arouses curiosity. A perverted doctor who is very curious about the body of the main character, a bipedal fox with the personality of a con artist. The relationships between the main members are quite interesting and cause many special situations.

Squad Strategy

The process by which a character changes a skill depends on how they use that skill in battle. The skill system is largely divided into three categories. These types of combat include physical skills, magical skills, and passive skills. You can make your character stronger by specializing in certain skills. Or you can make them equally strong in all skills. Players can also collect all items and fuse them with weapons. Each character who is strong on a skill takes the color of that skill. Each blow of a sword, bow, or arrow illuminated the correct color of light.

This is because each character has a specific type of skill that is strong. So, when participating in any war, players must position these skills to complement each other. Each skill has a certain range of influence, but also affects each individual’s recovery process. The character’s movement skills also change based on placement and combination. Changing enemy formations is also new, and total power remains the same. Team strategy results in team victories, not single victories. Fighting becomes easier when several people join forces.

Allie’s two souls have two names. Female Enri and male Unshal. Female characters have good physical attacks, and male characters have good magic. During combat, players can switch between these two spirits as needed. All you have to do is walk in front of Kit and touch the character’s body. When you are at war, you must act quickly. This saves time and creates opportunities for enemies to attack. Download the RPG Ruinverse mod and explore the adventure of saving Allie with a team of dark-hearted heroes.

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