Samurai Story MOD APK (Unlimited money) 4.2

Samurai Story MOD APK (Unlimited money) v4.2

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Samurai Story MOD APK (Unlimited money)

From past to present, samurai have become a symbol of Japanese culture. They are swordsmen with wills like sharp blades. With a brave and indomitable warrior spirit. Get ready to face a dangerous challenge. Download Samurai Story and feel like a real samurai. Use your sword to defeat the enemies who seek your life. Adventure to new lands you’ve never been to.

Samurai Story MOD APK

Set in the feudal era of the beautiful country of Japan. This is where the most powerful warriors, the samurai, served high noble families. Protect your clients from those who want to assassinate them. That assassin could be another samurai or ninja with dangerous darts. Very beautiful and eye-catching graphics and engaging combat gameplay. Samurai Story will give us a pleasant experience. You will be amazed by the beautiful battles against highly skilled opponents. The flashy 1-pound action is only available in Samurai Story. Use your own sword and hit the road.

Download Samurai Story mod – Fight off assassins

When playing Samurai Story, you’ll take on the role of a samurai who is a skilled striker. Your mission is to destroy your enemies and find out the truth of whoever wants to destroy you. Controlling the characters in Samurai Story is also very simple, so you’ll get used to it quickly. There are two buttons to move back and forth. One for attacking enemies and one for jumping. You can combine these buttons to create beautiful combos. Use combos to destroy enemies faster and avoid dangerous darts. Practice a lot so you can maneuver quickly and improve your reflexes.

Attractive plot

Become the most talented and experienced samurai. An unexpected turn of events turns your character into a murderer. That unexpected event put our character in a difficult situation. Now he must prove his innocence by finding the person behind the incident. All of his allies and enemies now target him. They will all find opportunities and loopholes to destroy our characters and bring bounties. You must defend well and use your reflexes to dodge dangerous attacks. Destroy all outlets that try to take your life.

Interesting comic style

Samurai Story has comic book style graphics. All attack effects are meticulously and detailed by the publisher. Smooth, seamless images provide a better experience. Fighting stages are included with very dramatic music to enhance the drama of the match. Characters with elaborate details make you feel dangerous and very hard to beat. The scenes of each location you go to will be faithfully recreated by the system, making you feel as if you are fighting there. Walk the path of the samurai and discover new things.

Attractive game modes

Samurai Story has four main game modes: History Mode, Free Mode, Fruit Mode, and Action Mode. History Mode lets you experience the story of this mighty samurai. Complete it in the most perfect way so that you can feel the breath the publisher gives us. In the free game mode, you can fight as many enemies as you like.It will help you improve your playing level over time. In fruit mode, you can cut various fruits freely. In action mode, you fight against unpredictable enemies.

Practice your reflexes

Playing Samurai Story is a way to train your reflexes. Every detail of fighting and dodging in the game requires high reflexes. If you delay one step, you will be instantly destroyed by the enemy. Play a lot, practice hard and improve your skills. Enhanced reflexes will help you a lot in your daily work. Helps you feel less tired and stressed after playing. Don’t waste too much of your precious time. Download the Samurai Story mod now to transform yourself into a strong and brave samurai. Overcome difficulties and regain lost honor.

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