Terabox v3.29.1 MOD APK (Premium, Mega Mod)

Terabox MOD APK v3.29.1

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(Premium, Mega Mod)
Dec 9, 2022
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Terabox MOD APK

 Terabox MOD APK

Running out of storage space on your smartphone? Looking for a great cloud storage service that lets you store your files online? Like sharing files and accessing cross-device features, etc.? Then you will definitely find Terabox a good mobile application on your Android devices.

Just install the app on your devices and register your account to start with 1024GB of free permanent cloud storage, you can back up your photos, videos, personal data, and many shared files to material. Use simple and powerful cloud features to easily work with files and share them with others. Protect your important data with the latest cloud security.

Learn more about this awesome mobile app from Flextech and all its amazing features with our in-depth review.

What does it do?

With Terabox, mobile users have access to powerful and powerful cloud storage on their Android devices and other smart devices. Feel free to sign up to the app as often as you want and it offers 1024GB of free cloud storage where you can upload photos, videos, and other files without limits.

Use the app to make room for more storage space on your internal and external storage. Protect important data with the highest levels of security from cloud services. You should also have a file storage platform, which you can do using the full-featured app on your mobile devices, PC, and its web version.

Back up your personal data on a cloud storage platform so you don’t lose it again. Share your files quickly and easily with others using cloud connections instead of re-uploading. The list goes on and on.


For those of you who are interested in this awesome mobile application from Flextech, you can download the free version of Terabox on the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android users.Just keep in mind that the freemium app comes with some ads and requires some in-app purchases if you want other features.

In order for Terabox to work properly, users must grant certain access permissions to the app, which will be prompted the first time you access the app. Allow access permissions to enable all internal features.

As with other Android apps, it is highly recommended that you update your mobile devices to the latest firmware versions, preferably 5.0 and above. This greatly improves in-app stability and compatibility with your existing system.

Awesome features

Here are all exciting features the app has to offer:

Intuitive UI and undemanding features

Right off the bat, Android users will love the mobile application because of its intuitive and intuitive interfaces. With clean layouts that properly organize all the features in their place, you can choose a part of the cloud storage and work with its features to start saving your important files.

Get your free cloud storage spaces

For those of you who are interested, you can get your free cloud storage once you’ve registered with the app. As a result, you can easily save your files and restore personal data without running out of space.

Secured cloud storage services for your important data

All files uploaded on cloud storage are protected with the highest levels of security from cloud services. Simply back up and sync your files so you can always access and share with others without technical or security issues.

Users can also share their files using the Secure File Sharing feature in Terabox. Here, the app allows users to activate certain download codes for their shared files. Activate an access link that will be available for a certain period of time or without an expiration date.

Back up photos and videos with ease

Upload photos, videos, text and other files from your devices. Use the automatic photo upload feature to have Terabox automatically check your gallery for new photos and sync to online cloud storage.

Safe and convenient file accessing

By showing itin the secure file access section, Terabox allows Android users to browse all the files on their cloud storage. Terabox supports multiple simultaneous downloads to optimize your downloading experience.

Easily look for files and documents

To browse your files and documents, Terabox offers its smart library for all Android users to access. Here, you can easily search for photo albums and video clips, automatically sorted into different albums for certain subjects and topics. Just select one of them to search for the right media files.

All articles are easily searchable by name and keywords. The app displays search results as you type. You can search for all similar files using convenient filters. And even preview some photos, documents, audio files, and videos using the quick cloud preview options, and you’ll know the right files.

Enjoy cross-device usages with Terabox

For those who want, you can enjoy using transfer tools with Terabox. Find yourself with access to all shared files, no matter where they come from, no matter what devices you use. With Terabox available on your mobile and desktop devices, you can send and store files from any platform. There’s also a web version if you don’t want to install a dedicated app or software.

Available in different languages

With the application available in different language options, users around the world will find that they have the best mobile application for uploading and sharing their files. Just log into the app and Terabox will match system languages and your in-app experience.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

Last but not least, for those of you who want this awesome mobile app from Flextech but don’t want to pay for expensive features, you might want to consider the modified version of the app on our website. Here, we have removed all the annoying ads and let you enjoy all the in-app features for free. Just download Terabox Mod APK , follow the given instructions and start using all its features.

Final verdicts

With powerful and convenient cloud storage features, Android users will love the mobile application. Just sign up and you’ll get 1024GB of free storage so you can upload and store as many of your important files as possible. Use in-app features to make your cloud services more efficient. And don’t forget to go for the modified version of the app on our website if you want everything without paying.

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