The Arcana v2.50 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Keys)

The Arcana MOD APK v2.50

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 GAMES
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(Unlimited Money, Keys)
Sep 13, 2022
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The Arcana MOD APK

The Arcana MOD

“The Arcana: A Mystic Romance” is an exciting game created by Nix Hydra. A love affair ensues. A romantic story about love, suspicion, and mystery.

But it is not enough. Our artist also becomes involved in a gruesome and gruesome murder case. The witness in the murder case is still struggling in the hearts of the most important and intelligent people.

Background Story

What are the results of the mysterious art wizard? Each player’s decision results in an original idea. Embracing the beauty or stuck in endless thought? You are the one who decides in the end.

After hearing the description, you know that this is a game with a great story, colorful, and intense, but in short, it’s adventurous. The entire course is in English, but there are daily discussions. There is no difficulty in the country language.

Elementary school students can read a dictionary and understand it. Krypton gold may seem small, but it’s lucky to get a small price for a free spinning table every day, and the key can be returned every day.

General Gameplay and Functions

First, it’s a free game on the apple store, no krypton gold. You can choose someone to call him, male, female or them.

The painting is very beautiful and very special. We can also use the ancient Roman style love game for symbolism. This is what attracted many players to download it. The blonde wig and bow are her favorite.

Then there are three mini games. For Wheel of Fortune, you can play once a day for free The mi day, it’s time to fight for style and test the European spirit. These mini games are the source of gold coins and keys.

Five hundred gold coins can be bought in the entire head of the target. There are six different Q shapes of small animals that roll the dice in a mini game of drawing a tarot card every day will give you gold coins, and you can send the goal of the Raiders to the sign for free for seven days.

The Arcana MOD

Designs and Graphics

Initial Page

The painting is very beautiful, and we can see that it is another story about magic. There are many first signs shown here. The protagonist (gender and name are optional) is a magician from Vesuvius. He opened a small shop.

Main Page

A boss named Asra is the one in the middle of the screen. Three years ago, there was an epidemic in Vesuvía. Many people died, and you (the first person) and many people around you lost a special memory.



At the beginning of the story, the Queen invited you to the palace. You must investigate the mystery of the death of the door. You are following a stroke doctor who is accused of being a murderer.

A message will appear at the beginning of the game. After the first speech, there will be six people in line. The six characters have different personalities, but they are all cute!


The key in the upper right corner is to open the chapter. Money opens up some exciting options. You must refill the key every day. If you want to make more money, you can also watch ads..


Asra is very close to MC and her snake, a strong need for protection and a small wolf dog. But other things depend on the situation. Cold and cruel. She is MC’s ex-lover. There are many secrets in my body, but he will not tell you.


Julian, the handsome and fearless doctor, tried to create a cure during the plague and was the one who killed the ear. At first glance, he looks like a romantic and intelligent pirate boss.


Nadia, the proud woman, hired you to investigate the cause of her ex-husband’s death. In short, it looks majestic, sometimes very beautiful, and it feeds you with a CG.


The beautiful Portia, Julian’s sister, and Queen Nadia’s daughter. She is good at housework, cooking and gardening. Portia is sweet and cute, like a kitten.

The Arcana MOD

Extra Mini-Games and Purchases

However, he wants friends and really cares about you. Although he looks big, he has a kind heart, lives alone in the forest, raises wolves and likes to feed chickens.

Lucio, Nadia’s husband has died from dealing with the devil. The soul is caught between life and death, which is the source of death. This man belongs to the rich man’s profession.

Other Alternative: Romance Club

He is a narcissistic person. He thinks that the people of the island like him. He also pays attention to fashion. Not only does she want to powder but also show clothes. He is a small party leader.

His personality is linked to his childhood because he had a very strong warrior mother. One of his hands was broken, and Asra’s father helped him make a golden hand.

The lucky roulette can be turned once a day for free and can be paid money and magic tools, and collect a certain number of tools to open a small story, such as the birthday bonus of Lady Nadia and others.

The Arcana MOD

Money is expensive, perhaps because of the difficult challenges. You can buy 100 gold coins for $5, but 1,000 gold coins for $55? Sell ​​more, but increase the unit price? Maybe the game developer got the math wrong on this one.

For a brief introduction, Romance Club is a romantic love simulation game. They design the game screen and it looks beautiful and beautiful. It looks beautiful and fresh.

Romance Club is a game that simulates romance. There are many things to plan. The painting style of the show is brilliant. Players will experience a warm love journey in game. Players with many features can use it freely.

Final Words

To choose, each protagonist needs his own story. You can play the game independently, read the plot, answer the questions, and develop. Sweet love is yours.

The game stands out due to its fantastic storyline and twists. Each has powerful features and excellent display designs to attract gamers of all ages. Why not enjoy this great game?

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