Thimbleweed Park v1.0.9 MOD APK + OBB (Full Game)

Thimbleweed Park MOD APK v1.0.9

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Oct 8, 2019
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Thimbleweed Park MOD APK

The world is full of mysteries we never discovered. It often happens in places you have never been to. Let’s take a look at the investigation of two of Thimbleweed Park’s most experienced employees. Join them to solve the mystery of strange happenings in this strange town. Meet strange people with monstrous personalities that are out of the ordinary. In the end, where will the fate of the people here go?

Thimbleweed Park APK

Download Thimbleweed Park – Find out the mysteries in town

A horror-focused exploration and puzzle game. It offers players a journey full of strange events. Thimbleweed Park has helped attract players who love detective fiction. I love the charm of everyday events. Death must be solved by top experts. People who are good at investigating and analyzing various things. With this game, the investigator will know what to do. Open up a bit about their life and work they love. Investigate the toughest cases and uncover them with your expertise.

Thimbleweed Park APK mod

This town always does weird things that make it scary. Both agents must find out the truth behind it. Mysterious cases are never solved. A gruesome murder with an extremely brutal deception. Nevertheless, the person who did this was not brought to justice. People here treat it as normal. There was no surprise on their faces. It happened all too often, as if I had been accustomed to it for a long time. You must end the horrors of this place and completely cleanse the town of this curse.


In order to find the person behind the massacre, it is necessary to set up a zone for the suspect. These people met quickly for questions and statements. A girl who dreams of becoming a doctor, a corrupt clown who is always depressed and likes to curse, and a ghost who always wants to see her daughter. Coupled with regular monitoring, what you’re doing can give you some clues. These clues will lead you to the most suspicious case ever. A murderer who is hiding a crime can be anyone. Don’t jump to conclusions. You need time to prove your claim correct.

Thimbleweed Park APK free

Murder cases

Barbarian murders occur frequently in other parts of town. Every time the investigative team arrived, only a body was left at the scene. The culprit was already running away. You can learn how to commit the crime based on the clues he leaves at the scene. Various weapons were hidden from him. Sometimes it is a sharp knife, saw or rope. All are useful tools that result in a tragic death. There were no fingerprints as the shooter carefully concealed his whereabouts by wearing his gloves. His cunning in particular makes the investigation much more difficult. But don’t give up. everything will become clear.

Discover the story behind

Mysterious events always appear in each part of this story. It will deepen and deepen the psychology of the characters while also becoming more complex. It’s not as simple as you first thought. Interesting facts will reveal some of the essential elements of the case. Learn the stories behind the characters featured in the game. Their past can be useful in solving future cases. Don’t ignore it. An exhausting night of investigations gathered valuable information. That’s enough to show the investigators that they appreciate their lives just how miserable they are.

Meet people and gather news in this big town. This is the least you should do if you want to find something new. This job requires a high level of concentration and a great calculating mind. If you just eat and don’t sit around, you certainly won’t get anything. Become the most responsible work inspector. The Thimbleweed Park mod is not for lazy thinkers. You need to know how to gather clues from the story you belong to. Track down that criminal with everything you have. Don’t let him dominate and influence others.

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