TickTick v7.1.4.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

TickTick MOD APK v7.1.4.2

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Dec 30, 2022
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TickTick MOD APK


TickTick is like an assistant that always takes control of your daily tasks and gives you reminders at preset times. It aims to help people manage their time and work in the best possible way. Checking each task means you have completed that task. TickTick is an efficient and effective to-do list and task management app that helps you create schedules, manage time, remind yourself of deadlines, stay focused and organize your life at home, work and everywhere else. TickTick helps you make the most of your time and get your work done.

TickTick Premium

Whether you have an idea you want to capture, a personal goal to achieve, a task to achieve, a habit to track, a project to collaborate with co-workers, or a shopping list to share with family (with the help of List Builder). Reach your goals with our productivity planner.
Tick ​​tick increases your productivity by managing your time schedule with the help of to-do lists. It is not difficult to find task management applications on mobile platforms these days.

However, TickTick really stands out among them. Specifically, it manages the user’s entire workflow, which requires saving important work to the application on a regular basis. Besides, TickTick helps you organize your to-dos in a scientific way through a very intuitive interface. It’s a good idea to check your list after a period of time, especially after each day, to see what percentage of your daily tasks you’ve done. When you type in TickTick, it remembers everything and gives you instant notifications.

Tick Tick Mod APK

Tick ​​​​Tick MOD APK is an alternative and slightly modified variant of the original application, providing users with an excellent menu of mod and cheats to enjoy the free availability of advanced options. as you can; Unlock new, more beautiful interface themes, view schedule list in grid, control up to 299 lists, 999 tasks per list, 199 subtasks per quest;
Add up to 5 reminders per task, share a task list planning board with up to 29 members, use the checklist format and comment on the same task, subscribe to third-party calendars and daily plans on TickTick, and more. However, this modified version brings more and more convenience to users in terms of bringing soothing effect through availability of ad blocking policy, no rooting required, prohibited properties and more. Dive into the exclusive world of better services and manage your work efficiently like no other software offers free benefits.

TickTick Premium apk

Tick Tick has many integrated features,

Choose the Tick MOD APK synchronization task across devices and quickly generate features based on history. In addition to these general ones, it provides instant notifications for all scheduled tasks.
The stunning features of the stylish calendar and handy widgets make it even more exciting, and Flexible Repeat always keeps your work organized, seamless collaboration and more.

Below we have some discussed features and functions;
Accessible interface and smoothness

TickTick’s interactive, intuitive design and personalized features make it easy to get started. Add tasks and reminders in seconds, then focus on the important tasks. To-do syncs with iCloud so you can view and manage your tasks from anywhere. TickTick allows you to synchronize user data across multiple devices simultaneously. Thus, users can manage their jobs anytime, anywhere.

Add actions by voice input or typing. With Smart Date Parsing, date and time information is automatically set as due dates and reminders. Be as productive as possible!
Get a clear overview of your plans a week or a month ahead on the calendar. Want to be more specific? Then use the 3-day view to view and adjust your schedule according to your timeline. You can also integrate third-party calendars such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and more.
Add widgets to your home screen for easy access to your tasks. They come in many sizes and types. Choose one according to your preference.

Voice Input and Smart date Parsing

Set recurrences for tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. Choose a recurrence like Daily, Weekly, Weekday or Monthly. What’s even more amazing is that you can customize the repeat like an online course every 2 weeks from Monday to Thursday, and have a project meeting on the first Monday of every 2 months.
Categorize your tasks into lists, folders and tags.

TickTick Premium mod

Some checkpoints to follow;

A few checkpoints to follow;
Break down key tasks into checklists.
Prioritize your tasks and focus on matters.
Sort tasks by date, priority and subject.
Attach photos, records, and attachments to your tasks.
Swipe through tasks for quick editing.
Press and hold to batch edit actions.

Outstanding usage of Tick Tick MOD APK

Adjust everything and figure out what to do next on your daily schedule. Group assignments and tasks with list builders, organizers, and labels. Make agendas and notes.

Also develop your gaze expertise by working with timers and stopwatches.
Sort your goals by date, need, and title. Combine photos, records and various connections
. Assemble beneficial routines with your goals to sustain a better, more vibrant life.

Sharing feature of Tick tick

. If you want to share your schedule with friends or individuals, it’s just a tap away. TickTick helps you quickly share via Facebook and Instagram. You can use TickTick at work. Teamwork requires specific planning, so share it with your staff. This application allows you to share online with up to 30 people at the same time, which is very convenient.


Whether you are a student or a professional, TickTick is an indispensable application. A clear plan is very effective for a person who always works with purpose. TickTick has won 3 prestigious awards for Best Job Assistance Application. There, show other users the great efficiency of this application. Do you want to change yourself now? Download the app and experience with us!

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