Top Speed 2 v1.05.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Top Speed 2 MOD APK v1.05.0

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(Unlimited Money)
Dec 20, 2022
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Top Speed 2 MOD APK

Just by hearing the name of Top Speed ​​2, you can tell that it is a racing game related to speed. Top Speed ​​​​2 is the next version of the game series of the same name, but with many new features. A pro racer has retired, but needs to get back into racing. Everyone’s gaze changed at the player’s unstoppable skill and sense of speed. Top Speed ​​​​2 also has a logical and interesting storyline. As well as regular car racing, this is a fight for honor. You play as an undercover cop infiltrating the mafia and the criminals of this city.

Top Speed 2 MOD APK

Play as a young police officer suspended from work due to excessive driving habits while on duty. But now there is a hidden mission where you have to become a double agent. Chase down the ruthless mafia plaguing this peaceful city. Your goal is to catch them and put them in jail. But the mission will be in vain if you reveal that you are an undercover cop. And if you dare infiltrate their organization, your life could be threatened. Gradually, when things are moving in the right direction, the plan is gradually completed.

Download Top Speed 2 mod – Speed car race between undercover police and ruthless mafia

Unlike other racing games, Top Speed ​​​​2 offers a third-person perspective racing game. The player controls and looks from above. There are two speed control levers and a speedometer in the center. On the right is a plus sign for acceleration and on the left is a minus sign with the opposite effect. Only by achieving legendary status can you gain a foothold in the Crew. However, a firm footing is required so players can extract vital information. The higher the level, the faster the racing speed you reach. Play on different roads and satisfy your passion.

Top Speed 2 MOD

More than 71 supercars

A sleek racing car that gives you the freedom to indulge your passion for car ownership. Illegal things where the mafia make a lot of money. They used these coins to buy the most modern and beautiful cars they could ever want. Even the world’s most famous and expensive cars aren’t difficult. Sports racing car from famous auto manufacturer with many color versions. Or a classic car, but the engine is upgraded to a more luxurious version. Completing significant achievements will allow players to unlock more versions of the 71 cars provided.

Top Speed 2 APK

Super car upgrade

Changing the exterior is too common, and players can also upgrade their internal engine systems. It contains 7 major parts that directly affect the vehicle’s driving speed. Players can raise floors, change exhaust pipes, and customize gearboxes. Or change booster, nitro boost and change tire pressure. Every activity the player performs affects the speed, productivity and performance of the vehicle. However, to change these systems, players can go to the garage and purchase equipment. Tuning a car is cheaper than a new car, which differs from the player’s investment. However, if you have enough money, the player can buy a new car.

Game mode

The game offers three main game modes for players to explore. Includes multiplayer mode, story and elite mode. In multiplayer mode, players can play with friends or other players around the world. In the other two modes, players play by navigating the game’s story. In all three modes, you can explore the three different maps the game offers. These three maps include airports, highways, and docks. Of course, each area is divided into many smaller areas with tasks. Only when all the missions are completed and the road is completed, the player can continue to unlock them.

Besides, you have to have the fastest driving speed, and there are new challenges. From the effects of weather to the effects of topography and facilities. For example, when it rains, the roads are slippery and the wheels slip. Small water droplets on the windshield can affect your vision. Or, when the weather is humid, a misty haze appears. In these situations, players need to stay behind the wheel and make informed decisions. You constantly improvise as if you were in a real race. Download the Top Speed ​​​​2 mod and become an undercover cop taking part in races in the name of the mafia.

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