True Skate v1.5.81 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

True Skate MOD APK v1.5.81

June 29, 2024 GAMES
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up GAMES
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(Unlimited Money)
May 28, 2024
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True Skate MOD APK

True Skate is an authentic skateboarding game using a real skateboard. This is a fun and addictive game that offers no-nonsense tricks even for amateurs thanks to its unique features. This is a realistic touch-based physics game where you swipe and drag your finger to move the sliding surface on the ground. The game offers you a beautiful skate park and additional decks that you can access via an in-app purchase.


True Skate perfectly simulates the skateboarding experience by having the player control a skateboard and maneuver it with their fingers instead of their hands. Using swipes, tap and hold the screen like players would on a real board, navigating a skate park full of tracks, ramps, and other tricky sections.

The game features tutorials for newbies and missions that allow players to hone their skills and learn new tricks while exploring beautiful parks. This game also uses spare currency by completing quests, and the player can then use this money to upgrade and repair the skateboard or change its color and design. In addition, the game offers smooth graphics and provides players with a camera that allows them to see where they are riding.


The 3D graphics are a notable element, with lifelike obstacles, plenty of natural-looking light sources and shadows, showing the game’s very high frame rate. Additionally, the sound is great too, especially with each kick to move faster along the road and the sound of the skateboard rubbing against the ground or metal rails.

True Skate’s control system has no buttons, so the player must swipe the skateboard to increase speed and then tap and drag sideways to turn the skateboard. Not only do you control the skateboard on the flat road of the ski park, but you also have to navigate it through the bumpy and difficult sections like railings, stairs, and ramps. You can do it! Perform tricks by swiping at different angles of the skateboard depending on what you want to do to create professional flips or nollies.


There are many different slides in True Skate and this park has many tracks, even halfpipes, that challenge players. You can skate around and perform tricks while exploring the environment, or start from a nearby starting point to complete the game’s mission. If you ever want to start over after a mistake or a bad crash, the default settings allow you to press the reset button at the top of the screen to return to the nearest starting point in the park and rerun the level.

The player’s skills are shown when doing the trick on a specific railing. For example, you can create a session start point in the options to try your trick and then reset your original state to try again. This helps the player progress in attempts. After each attempt, you gain more experience and better tricks in controlling the skateboard.


True Skate features a varied mission system with a series of challenges that require players to perform certain tricks or achieve a high score in a certain time set by the game. The game helps players improve their skills and discover many new sliding locations while providing exciting experiences.

Although the skate park already offers good spots for players to try out, the developers will add some new parks in the future so that players can have varied experiences. Players will not get bored sliding along the same many areas over and over again. There is also now a rewind button to return to the previous position and a note to pause the action when the player is busy.

This is probably the most realistic and fun skateboarding game for all players. Excellent swipe controls, good session starting features, vivid graphics and sound provide players with a real and amazing sports experience. Physics and controls are two great and perfect elements that players love about this unique game.

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