Xender – Share Music Transfer v13.0.0.Prime MOD APK (Ad-Free)

Xender - Share Music Transfer MOD APK v13.0.0.Prime

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Android Android 4.4 and up APPS
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Oct 19, 2022
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Xender - Share Music Transfer MOD APK


Xender MOD APK is best file sharing tool on Android. One tap to share the widest range of files with other devices at flash speed. You can easily transfer files to other devices. Share music, videos, images, documents, and any type of file you can share. No internet connection is required to transfer files. Share files without internet connection. Also, the application did not use the data pack during file transfer. This is not a cloud upload so no more data packs needed. Since the keypad mobile generation, Bluetooth has been able to share and receive files. That has completely changed now. The Xender file sharing team has developed the Xender MOD APK. The transfer rate is based on the device’s Wi-Fi transfer rate. Normally all devices receive files up to 40mbps. Currently, the application supports different platforms. Use this application to share files with other available platforms. Windows, Mac, iOS, Tizen and Android platforms currently support this application. You no longer need a USB cable for transfer. Wireless transmission only occurs in the application. More than 100 million users have installed this application on Android. Up to 200 million files have been successfully shared every day.

Xender MOD APK

Flash speed transfer

Speed ​​is essential to transfer one file to another platform. Xender MOD APK provides flash speed transfer to users. All users can share files at lightning speed. If there are many minors in a video or file, it will be shared within 1 second. Most devices get speeds up to 40 Mbps. By default, the rate is based on the connection between the sender and the radio receiver. A network share speed notification appears in the notification bar. The top screen of the application displayed an animation of details of how many files were shared. A running progress animation is like a line bar. Check the line bar to understand the transmitted data details.

Send large files

There is no size limit while transferring files from Xender MOD APK. Due to limited bandwidth in Bluetooth sharing, there are limits to sharing files with others. However, this application allows users to send files of any size without any restrictions. Some shared file applications refused to share due to file size issues. Also, some other applications require a rooted device to share larger files. However, this application does not offer limited options and limitations. You can share the file size with other devices without any problem. No root required during file transfer. Before sending files, the application analyzes the receiving device’s storage.

No more need for a data connection

Xender MOD APK allows you to share files even without internet connection. No internet connection required while transferring files. Online cloud file uploads only required interconnection. This application sharing method ultimately takes place in offline mode. Neither the sender nor the receiver needed an internet connection and data pack. The storage section for the application allows all file manager details to be brought into the application. So far you can select files and documents. So choose a shared file ready to transfer. Multiple selections are possible, so select multiple files before sending. After selection, the item will display full size, full size no internet required.

Xender MOD APK

Share any format files

Some applications support limited file types for transferring files to other devices. Xender MOD APK supports all types of formats for sharing files with others. No restrictive rules are followed in this section. Transfer all types of files such as documents, music, and photos. Videos, apps, games and more. No restrictions were followed even while forming the file. The application supports several formats and some formats are open in the application. An integrated video player was also available in the application. A music player is also integrated. You can preview your audio and video files before sharing them with integrated tools.

Convert MP3

The ender MOD APK provides MP3 covert features in applications. Convert MV format files to MP3 format. You don’t need any other application for audio conversion. Convert audio files to MP3 files much faster. Convert audio files to MP3 with one tap. Because most devices do not support MV format files. So, use this application to convert your MV files to MP3 format. After conversion, it supports all music players including Xender music player. Change voice recorder in ringtone and modify ringtone on your device. No more battery drain while converting to MP3.

Social platform video downloader

Xender MOD APK supports users to download Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp videos. After allowing permission for the application, browse your Whatsapp status in the application. You can save it to your device or share it directly with other users. No loss of quality during installation. The HD quality status will appear in the application. Also download Facebook and Instagram videos for free. Share the video link with Xender so they can get the video from the URL. Currently, the application supports only these two media platforms. We plan to support many platforms in the future.

Xender MOD

Smartphone replication

When a user buys a new device, all data must be migrated from the old phone. Most all applications only share files like documents, videos, images, zips, games and applications. However, Xender MOD APK allows users to share contacts, call logs, emails, logs, music, videos and more. So, following simple steps will help you in critical situations to receive all your files on your new phone.


Overall, we have covered all the details about the Xender MOD APK. This is a great application for people who like to share files with others. It helps save your internet data pack size and waste time by transferring files like slash speed animations. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a hotspot connection to send and receive files. The application shared speeds up to 40 Mbps during file sharing. Need to see several ads in the original version. You also need the premium version to remove ads. Use the MOD version to get the free premium version. Download the MOD version from the available link in the article below.

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