Beam of Magic v1.34.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Beam of Magic MOD APK v1.34.0

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Feb 7, 2023
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Beam of Magic MOD APK

Have you ever wanted to try an RPG game? You can use powerful magic there. Will you venture through a huge open world and defeat evil monsters? You can be satisfied with Beam of Magic. how long has it been released

Beam of Magic was released as an open world RPG adventure game. A place to become an apprentice wizard. Explore dungeons, defeat evil monsters, and work your way to the title of the greatest and most powerful wizard in the world. With smart strategy and vast world of games. You can do quests and kill an almost unlimited number of monsters. Always strengthen yourself to the highest level and challenge all obstacles because you are invincible. Players can also easily install some games like Archer’s Tale, SIERRA 7 and similar.

Beam of Magic MOD APK

Download Beam of Magic – Along with magic to explore the vast world

Opening game interface includes uncharted lands, character interface, and shop. Two currencies of equal value in the game are gold and silver. Start a challenge in the game, press play and you will be transported to unknown lands. There are monsters you’ve never seen before in the mountains and natural spaces. Move your character on the screen using the virtual joystick. There is only one attack button to unleash magical powers on enemies. Their health bar gradually shrinks and when they disappear, they die. Sacrifices can be made at any time, so be careful.

Beam of Magic MOD

Equipped with special weapons

You only have one attack, but the rest of the elements depend on the world you play in. Sometimes it appears in what position the angel is standing. You will go to them and receive one of 3 power-ups. These can be armor boosts, attack speed boosts, healing or other effects. Depending on the situation you are facing, choose the right power to deal with the monsters in the most intelligent way. Because more and more of them will appear.

Beam of Magic APK

Confront the giant bosses

It will be difficult to survive in this chaotic world if you rely only on the power of the gods. The only way is still to take care of yourself and upgrade your powers. That’s also the reason for the existence of the weapon system, which has all six tiles corresponding to the six weapons the player can equip. The 6 weapons are a magic staff, cloak, 2 rings, a necklace and earrings. It looks like a witch, right. Each weapon has specific stats and helps players increase their power and make their exploration more convenient. Mythic equipment with special effects is also very attractive.

Not just adventure alone

Each world has different types of dangerous monsters. Plus men of the same size compared to you. There are also giant bosses with poor health. Accompanying it was tremendous power along with wide and precise skills. Avoiding them all is essential to surviving, not to mention returning the statues to them. That’s just to get an idea of ​​how high the difficulty of Beam of Magic is. You have to be really good and devise yourself the safest and most effective strategy to deal with them. However, if you defeat tough bosses, the rewards will never be trivial.

Beam of Magic’s expansive open world sometimes gets in the way of your quest to become the ultimate champion. Because there are worlds on Earth designed like hell. And you won’t be able to survive in it for long. So our most effective plan is to venture out with friends, companions, and powerful wizards. If you can’t do it alone, let’s do it together. Your allies will have knowledge or powers you never knew, and vice versa. Share your experiences on your journey and together become the most powerful witch team in the world.

A new RPG game with a special style has been released. Bring the magic theme and destroy the beast adventure. Besides, being able to play with your friends isn’t cool anymore. Highly rated by gamers, Beam of Magic is destined to become a very successful role-playing game in the future. Engaging and very addictive when you own the gameplay mechanics. Make sure you are a fan of this game too. Download the Beam of Magic mod and conquer the world with your magical powers.

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