Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked weapons, skins) 1.15.0

Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked weapons, skins) v1.15.0

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Android Android 5.0 Action
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Feb 8, 2023
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Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked weapons, skins)

When you see people in trouble, you will need your help to rescue them. Helicopter Escape 3D lets you complete this mission every time. Helicopter ride at a height of thousands of meters near the building. Help those in trouble to escape the siege of maddened enemies that are after them. Go on missions using the coolest heavy weapons. Bring your citizens back safely from the dead.

Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK

The action shooter genre like hasn’t been a stranger in a long time. This is a great collection of shooting stunts that you can’t do in real life. Fight with simple but powerful 3D graphics. The gameplay of the game is portrayed realistically like an action movie. You can play it over and over again without getting bored. Sit really well and join the great conflict.

Download Helicopter Escape 3D mod – Rescue the people in need

A zombie apocalypse is coming and almost everyone has turned into a monster. Build a large and dangerous army that is constantly on the hunt for prey. If you come to the aid of the survivors, you are in the same danger. Ride a military helicopter piloted by your teammates. You will be a gun user shooting from above to stop the zombies from pursuing you. Survivors run as fast as possible to pre-agreed locations. Make sure they don’t catch those running in front of them. Picking them up in a vantage point is that you have completed your task.

Enemies are massive in number and aggressive, making them quite difficult to control as well. You can kill multiple enemies at once using explosive crates around you. These explosive barrels are invaluable in dangerous situations. When used wisely, you have complete control over your attacks.

Helicopter Escape 3D APK

Upgrade equipment

To go to more difficult levels, you must have good items to resist attacks. It’s also easy to do if you want to find something new. At the end of each game screen, you will be rewarded with a lot of money depending on the points you have earned. You can buy better guns with this money. There are all kinds of pistols, rifles, peepers and even grenade launchers. Each type of gun has its own shooting method to learn. Use your favorite weapon to slaughter your enemies and bring victory. You can make everything stronger by your will.

Upgrade equipment

Want something more striking to create gameplay variety? Helicopter Escape 3D can easily and completely meet your needs. You can completely change the appearance of your character by going to the customization section. There are many eye-catching costumes such as special forces, clown, cheerleader or Rambo. It will give players a whole new feeling in the battle process. Besides, airplanes are also things that can be easily changed at will. New striking styles and colors will expand your choices. Help your hero get better.

Change of clothes

Being able to completely wipe out your enemies will make you very miserable. As usual, it includes many types of enemies, not just zombies. They can be thieves, gang bosses or bodyguards. Many of them may even fire you back with their guns. If you give them a chance to do so, they will be destroyed and unable to continue. Fortunately, there is a random shield you receive at the end of the level. But to be safest, destroy them while they have you as their target. Don’t let these people’s schemes succeed.

A series of terrifying enemies

There will be action movie-like slow motion as the enemy tries to take hostages. You’ll need to utilize these slow motions to finish off your enemies before it’s too late. Use the moment quickly to save yourself. Time seems to have stopped and you can destroy 2-3 enemies at the same time. A hero with a big moment is what you need. Create sparkling action movies with the Helicopter Escape 3D mod. The enemy will have no chance to win against your hot guns.

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