ROBOTS MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked) 1.3.1

ROBOTS MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked) v1.3.1

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Android 2.3
Android Android 2.3 Action
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Aug 22, 2016
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ROBOTS MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked)

Car Theft of the Future MOD APK

ROBOTS is a dramatic first-person shooter action game. The online gaming community has tons of shooting-themed games. But ROBOTS still delivers. A future life in which humans increasingly depend on robots. The whole world is gradually being invaded by these robots. All humanity has to do now is stand up, destroy them and take back their world. Use the right variety of weapons with flexible tactics. This can be overcome by meeting a robot. The robot will attack the player and rush to shoot a laser gun

Download ROBOTS mod – Pick up the gun to destroy the robots in the first person.

The full-body black robot moves on roller-like wheels. This robot has a Y-shaped symbol in the center of an orange box. Along with the orange V on the face, it represents two hook-like eyes and arms. They move and attack in groups. Players can become overwhelmed if not used. But that means you have to calm down and attack them quickly one by one. One shot is indestructible, but you have to hit multiple times. If they feel like they are too close to make it in time. Players can turn around and move to other areas to avoid attacks and find other robots.

There is a square with a red circle in the upper right corner of the screen. That’s the location of a group of robots moving back and forth to patrol. And you are a green inverted triangle that you can use to track where you and your enemies are relative to each other across this map. Each time you attack an enemy, the number below increases until the game’s requirements are met. Keep touching the right corner of the screen to aim and destroy enemies. More attacks add more to the number above. As part of accumulating experience points for yourself, you can convert them into coins.

Various types of guns

When it comes to shooting games, new gun designs always fascinate gamers. A treasure trove of new guns that players can acquire by winning different levels. You can also collect new firearms by searching battle areas.. The stronger your gun, the stronger your stats and damage when attacking enemies. In particular, this gun has a mode that zooms in on enemies. From there, you can quickly attack without shooting at the enemy’s weakest point.

Gun upgrade

Over time, the requirements for the number and performance of robots are becoming higher and higher. All you have to do is upgrade the stats of your gun to get stronger with each passing day. When participating in a war, players can collect circles with star symbols. Use it to upgrade the stats of any gun you want. The three main metrics are Strength, Attack, and Scale. It’s a power stat you probably already know, and upgrading your attack will reduce the number of shots that kill enemies. The size of the sight can be enlarged by pointing the scope at the opponent.

Two maps

ROBOTS provides two maps corresponding to the two dislocation modes. Although both maps are located in corporate offices with a minimalistic design. One side is an area with two colors, white and orange, and the other side is a warehouse with two primary colors, white and blue. The placement of obstacles varies according to the requirements of each mode. The number of robots in each area is adjusted accordingly. It may be a hard mode, but it is also possible to face situations that are easy to overcome. Players can explore every nook and cranny of the battle area on their own, choosing the most suitable location.

Players can also track information about all guns in their arsenal. In addition to battle statistics, players can also add new parts. These attachments can potentially add an additional element of support. Whenever you hit the robot, every part of its body will fall off. Numerous yellow numbers appear to add experience points. Download the ROBOTS mod to engage in a shooting war against advanced robots.

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