Nuclear Sunset MOD APK 1.3.7 (Immortal)

Nuclear Sunset MOD APK (Immortal) v1.3.7

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 Action
Jan 23, 2022
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Nuclear Sunset MOD APK (Immortal)

Nuclear Sunset is an exciting and fun game. This is a survival action game. As we know, nuclear war is the most dangerous war on earth. With its tremendous destructive power, it can destroy all life on Earth. At the same time, nuclear war can cause many problems for humans and other life forms. For example, mutation, radiation infection, loneliness, hunger,… The war left extremely serious consequences. The world is engulfed in riotous darkness, fighting over food, items and more… As one of the last survivors of the post-apocalypse, you must use your instincts to survive.

Nuclear Sunset

Download Nuclear Sunset mod – Survive after the apocalypse

However, trying to survive in a place where natural resources are depleted is not an easy task. In this game you will meet many unfortunate people like you. You can ally with them. Or you could be their enemy. All decisions are up to you. Nuclear Sunset gives players the freedom to act and run as they please. Nuclear war wiped out our modern civilization. Therefore, the game has very poor resources and context. At this point the player will have many tasks to solve. For example finding shelter, fighting zombies, finding and collecting resources,…

Nuclear Sunset mod

Easy game control

Nuclear Sunset will take you to a quiet and scary place of nature. Abandoned villages, dead swamps, old forests with bloodthirsty wolves… Your mission is to find a way to live in this devastated world. Nuclear Sunset is built on a razor-sharp 3D foundation. Image effects are detailed by the manufacturer. Thanks to this, players can feel the truest human life in the post-war world. Sound effects such as walking, opening doors and screaming are recorded very realistically. Come to the world of Nuclear Sunset and you will have the most vivid experience.

Nuclear Sunset free

Survival mission

The controls are neatly designed so that players can easily operate the screen. It contains a power bar, equipment bag, compass, manual, attack button, and movement button. The energy bar represents energy to fight energy states to sustain life. Tap Compass to see a map of your location on the map. This compass button is in the upper right corner of the screen. Nuclear Sunset uses behavior common in current games. Movement of the joystick in the lower left corner of the screen. Items collected during the game are stored in the equipment bag in the center of the screen.

Combat weapon

Enemies can appear anywhere in this game. It can be in a village, a jungle, an abandoned radioactive area… Your job is to be in that position. Here, the player has tons of enemies like zombies, bloodthirsty freaks, beasts, and more. They are always waiting for an opportunity to stalk and steal your life. Your last mission is to survive. To achieve this goal you will need to complete many small quests that accompany it. Examples include searching for life support food or finding resources to sell to villagers. You will also need to collect weapons and tools to fight enemies.

After the war, the world around you is in ruins. If you want to find a weapon to protect yourself, you have to go find it. Most of the weapons used in this game are primitive. Contains weapons such as pistols, swords, bows, crossbows, hammers, axes and more. The game offers a massive arsenal. However, they were scattered across the terrain. You will find them and bring them back to your collection. It makes it easier to complete quests with weapons in hand. You can also use money to buy better weapons from villagers. Earn money from quests and trade weapons with them.

Nuclear Sunset is a survival game you have to try for its charm. In the difficult human situation after nuclear war, the game will spread a peace-loving message to all players around the world. The game’s mission system is varied. Many enemies to face. This game will give you enjoyable entertainment moments. Download the Nuclear Sunset mod to join us in destroying the enemies of humanity in Post the World. At the same time, it has received many great rewards.

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