Sword Of Xolan v1.0.18 MOD APK (God Mod, Unlimited Mana, High Money)

Sword Of Xolan MOD APK v1.0.18

May 2, 2024 Action
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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 Action
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(God Mod, Unlimited Mana, High Money)
Jan 22, 2023
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Sword Of Xolan MOD APK

If you like games involving scenes, don’t ignore Sword of Xolan. Sword of Xolan is a platformer game that is the perfect mix of action and pixel art. Sword of Xolan creates a scene composed of roads as far as the eye can see. Thorns and challenges are added with countless brutal beasts. Unlike standard action games you’ve played so far, this game creates an imprint that only Sword of Xolan players can feel. You will be the one to stand against evil. Dedicate yourself to extinguishing the flames of war.

Sword Of Xolan MOD APK

Download Sword of Xolan mod – Fight against the evil shadow

Characteristics combined with a bold classic direction. Because of this, the influence of the sword of turmoil is also relatively large. The game is formed from the familiar 80s-90s pixel squares. It immerses players in the character of Xolan, a young man with fiery courage. With the same desire to overcome hardships and challenges. The darkness of sin gradually obscures the light of peace. What should Xolan do against the beasts out there? What other challenges await this Xolan hero? This is controlled by the player. So download Sword of Xolan and experience the days of being a Xolan hero.

Sword Of Xolan MOD

In Sword of Xolan, each level is a true adventure. Each path contains numerous monsters with scattered fireballs or dangerous and tough traps. The road to the finish line is exceptionally long and many challenges await. What must our hero Xolan do to crush his opponents and continue on his next path? Fight beasts and travel an endless road. Eliminate inhuman bosses to restore peace and peaceful life. Players control the hero Xolan, who travels to every corner to complete the tasks ahead and reach the light of peace.

A deep plot

Where Xolan lived was once a town full of joy and happy laughter. But one night, a red flame surrounded the land. War broke out. The monsters used this opportunity to attack. The villagers could no longer resist the enemy’s dark magic. Seeing that, Xola rose with courage and fervor, wielding the legendary sword and ushering in a new era. Give people back their old life. You will be the future guardians of world peace. You will also have a final fight with an evil monster.

Sword Of Xolan APK

Multiple challenge modes

Sword of Xolan offers its users 30 levels of adventure. The game has 9 challenge modes based on a time countdown. As in other games, Xolan encounters more monsters at higher levels. Monsters will increase exponentially, maybe exponentially. They are always waiting to stop Xolan. They will appear out of nowhere. They perform actions that reduce the hero’s strength. Players can also face off against a set of 3 different bosses. With more than 30 types of monsters, including zombies, giant creatures, and flying monsters.

Countless dangerous monsters

Sword of Xolan contains numerous brutal beasts. Carry a dark shadow representing the villain. They have different shapes depending on their size. Each monster has a fighting power. However, they are relatively easy to eat for Xolan. The tough guy is always the boss because he has tremendous strength as well as bloody attacks. We need the way Xolan moves with agility. There’s a clever way to play that fires a critical strike kick that stuns the fastest enemies. This is necessary to prevent monsters from regenerating. Xolan needs good dodge moves. And provide the right attack to limit blood loss.

Sword of Xolan offers a lot of entertainment, so it will suit those who want a light experience. However, the game also requires players in many aspects such as tactics, movement or specific tricks. Therefore, mastering the game should also be a process. The game’s interface is heavily invested, with goodness in graphics and sound. Players can also quickly feel their childhood rushing back with classic gameplay. Download the Sword of Xolan mod now and become a hero to defeat the monstrous darkness and restore peace to mankind.

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