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(Menu, Damage, Immortal)
Jan 25, 2023
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A fighting game with gacha elements might not have occurred to you until you heard about FIST OF THE NORTH STAR. A game based on Japan’s most famous manga. However, the game will not tell the story of Kenshiro’s journey to become the first Hokuto Shinken martial artist, but a confrontation between characters. you’re right. Players will own many of the most powerful characters from the cartoon of the same name. Control and defeat opponents with a variety of unique moves and personal skills. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that action graphics are among the most beautiful games.


The content of the manga revolves around the martial art Hokuto Shinken. It is the most powerful martial art in history that can end an opponent with a single blow. However, it has been lost, and few people know about this martial art. There is only one character known as the successor of Hokuto Shinken. Kenshiro is also the protagonist of the entire Fist of the North Star series. The game that this piece is titled will show off some of Kenshiro’s powers. At the same time, many details about employment will also be included.

Download FIST OF THE NORTH STAR mod – Show off the skills of the deadly martial art

The gameplay of FIST OF THE NORTH STAR is to face two characters in one battle. The match ends when one person is completely defeated. The health bar in the upper corner of the screen represents each individual’s physical strength. If they fall and run out, that character is utterly defeated. In the game, you gather characters from the circle of the North Star and fight each other. There are two main modes where you fight other players against mechs or PvP. Choose your favorite mod based on your skills and level of creation.


A unique feature is that you don’t need virtual keys to move and fight enemies. All battles are always automatic and characters fight each other until one side is defeated. So it’s a huge difference compared to other fighting games. So, what is exciting for players to experience further? Thus, new interactions have been created to allow players to decide the outcome of battles. It’s about summoning teammates to fight your character. Up to 4-5 characters face each other in each battle.

FIST OF THE NORTH STAR’s combatable characters are familiar names from the cartoon version that anyone who’s seen them will know for sure. Kenshiro, Bat, Rin, White Water Bird Rei… You will meet hundreds of characters from comics with impressive powers. A character’s rarity is calculated as N – Normal, R – Rare, SR – Super Rare, and UR – Ultra Rare. In other words, the chances of summoning UR characters are extremely slim. The character’s strengths are also clearly distinguished according to their rarity. It depends on the fighting power and skill of the character. Enter your information to start your first battle.

Meet familiar characters

The game’s combat mechanics are uncomplicated, but requirereflexes. The character first performs a number of normal attacks. Faint streaks will appear on the screen until you have accumulated enough rage and cast your ultimate. Use your fingers to join these bright stripes together. Creates a continuous combo chain that deals the highest damage. At this time, the scene where the character activates the skill is also enhanced with many beautiful effects. All player battles can be done equally well. Sometimes people want to continuously cast skills to enjoy the exciting attack effects of a character.

Nice action effects

You collect a lot of experience for your character through many successive levels. Level up to various milestones to unlock skills. Four main skills are unlocked based on the level the player has reached. Also, the number of stars is also an important factor for a character to evolve to the next level. The maximum number a player can raise is 7 stars. In fact, once you reach that milestone, your consistency is almost unmatched.amount of resources to reach that level will not be small at all. If you work hard and know how to collect, you can even have an entire 7-star squad.

Unlock Champion Skills

Meet some of the most famous characters from Fist of the North Star. Gone is the reenactment of the world’s most dangerous Hokuto Shinken martial art. Squad up powerful characters to complete your journey in FIST OF THE NORTH STAR mode.

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