Once Upon a Tower v43 MOD APK (Free Shopping, Unlocked)

Once Upon a Tower MOD APK v43

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Jan 26, 2022
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Once Upon a Tower MOD APK

Once Upon a Tower is a prime example of this. The princess no longer needs the help of handsome princes. She will stand up for herself to escape the captivity of the wicked. Create an adventure unmatched in the history of stories.

Games for kids are always a good choice for cognitive development. Once Upon a Tower was created for this audience, especially girls. It provides a broader perspective on women’s abilities in life. It creates equality of thought and guides players to become independent. Experience cartoon graphics that are fun and simple yet provide depth of storytelling. An adventure into a fascinating medieval world.

Download Once Upon a Tower mod – Stand up for yourself and fight fearsome enemies

When you enter the world of Once Upon a Tower, you will be transformed into a princess. One day, she was suddenly taken by a huge and ferocious dragon. It imprisoned her in her very tall tower and was very carefully guarded. To save yourself, take a look at the legendary hammer of invincible power. Use it to go through the bottom of the tower until you come out. It digs into dirt and automatically drops deeper. Use your hammer to crush any enemies that get in your way. When digging to the goal set on the game screen, remember that it is impossible to dig through the castle’s solid rock formations. you will win

Brave princesses

During the digging process, many traps will be placed under the place you want to go. If you’re not careful, you can fall into a trap and lose your life right away. Check carefully to make sure it’s safe before continuing down. Spikes, fire and monsters are things you shouldn’t touch.

Once you start playing, you can optionally change to a character of your choice. These princesses are designed to represent interlocking cultures. Egyptian mummies, ninja assassins, vikings,… You are free to change them whenever you want. Enjoy the new styles and watch them fight. Make your game more varied, more interesting and less boring. Each character will give you a different play feeling. The weapons they use to breach the dungeon were varied and suited where they came from. Build thrilling and exciting levels with precision and agility.

Power Upgrading

This money can be used to upgrade your princess stronger. You have options when you start by moving to the next level. There will be items like iron boots that will help you get down comfortably and crush the monsters yourself. Throwing a bomb destroys everything within range. Magnets help attract useful items around you. Many other great items are available at very affordable prices.

Difficult challenge

Once Upon a Tower contains a huge variety of levels and never gets boring. A challenge awaits you every time you go deeper. Newer, more sophisticated traps are randomly placed everywhere. Monsters get stronger and faster depending on their attributes. If you lose, everything must start at zero. This trip is really horrible and you have to be very careful. Minimize reckless and uncalculated movements while playing. Go through the traps quickly to avoid getting in too many hindrances. Always think and look for the easiest way to get there quickly.

Sometimes the giant dragon would try to set fire to the air in the castle. Be aware of signs of impending attack, such as gliding. If you take fire damage, you die instantly. Baby dragons are just as dangerous and should be eliminated immediately. Move wisely and avoid the dragon so it doesn’t interfere with your journey. Reach the finish line and see what happens next. The Once Upon a Tower mode continually challenges you and quickly hone your personal skills.

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