RASPBERRY MASH v1.6.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Souls)


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(Unlimited Diamonds, Souls)
Jan 29, 2023
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If you need revenge, the world of RASPBERRY MASH is for you. A deadly hell with hundreds of demons and enemies awaits you. Get into it and show them that your destiny is not over. Arm your powerful weapons and defeat all who stand in your way. Challenge gods and claim justice for the miserable life he endured. You are the chosen ones to rebuild order in this vast world.

The graphics are built according to the pixel method of bringing antiques. Along with this, the hack and slash gameplay gives players endless charm. You are free to fight and pour all your fury on the monsters. Explore a storyline with a deep fantasy setting. An exciting experience with fast-paced, deadly combat.


Download RASPBERRY MASH mod – Fight enemies non-stop

In this game, you will transform into a powerful female warrior full of resentment. She has a deep grudge against God and she has sworn to avenge her at any cost. Your job is to take her through her dangerous days that await her. Show off your manipulative skills with the move and attack buttons. To attack an enemy, you must move in its direction. There is no need to aim and shoot as this feature has been omitted for simplicity. Get into enemy traps and move wisely so you don’t run out of HP. Reach the end of the dungeon and survive to earn rewards.


Large arsenal

You must avoid enemy damage to maintain maximum HP. Let’s do a dodge roll action with the large rectangular button below. It helps you somersault over short distances to protect yourself. For this technique to be effective, it must be precise and fastDefeating demons requires a sufficiently powerful and specialized weapon. These weapons include guns, swords, knives, lasers and some interesting things. The power of this weapon is divided by rarity. Ratings are divided into Regular, Green Rare, Blue Rare, Rare and Legendary. You can only start with basic, low-rarity weapons. However, players can fully swap weapons in combat. Obtained by opening treasure chests, defeating bosses, or buying or trading with vendors or altars. Each match is a random weapon to find.


Hundreds of monsters

Monsters have always been a major threat to our female warriors on the battlefield. Whenever you engage in a battle, you will see the map and the specific type of monster on it. It mixes randomly, making it unpredictable and having to adapt itself. From bats, zombies, demons and bandits to powerful bosses waiting for you on the floor. The higher you go, the stronger you become and the more you gain special abilities. You have to work really hard to survive. The more you fight, the richer your experience points will be. Help us face our enemies.

Mighty tycoons

At the end of each floor you will encounter a mid-to-dangerous boss. Each boss has a unique fighting style that will surprise you. Some create dense waves of bullets, which can give players a hard time escaping. When the boss is defeated, you will receive a legendary weapon. Use that weapon to conquer the next level faster. As well as additional bonus items drop around. The more you collect, the more opportunities you have to unlock new game features. Bring back beautiful outfits for your characters.

Great collection

Every time you win a game, your achievements are saved in your history. Plus, get rewarded with items you add to your collection. Each item is a sacred creation with immeasurable value. The more wins, the richer your collection. It will also showcase battlefield experience as an unavoidable training process. Statues, charms, chalices and objects await your victory. In RASPBERRY MASH mode, enemies will be knocked down when you complete the objectives you set.

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