Order Zero v4.3.2 MOD APK + OBB (One Hit, God Mode, Crystals, Chaos Oil)

Order Zero MOD APK v4.3.2

Last Modified - May 1, 2024 Action
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Android 6.0
Android Android 6.0 Action
250 MB
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(One Hit, God Mode, Crystals, Chaos Oil)
Jan 20, 2023
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Order Zero MOD APK

OrderZero is a fighting and survival game. Your character in the game will be a girl who finds herself lost in a land full of monsters. You can no longer communicate with the outside world. Your main task is to destroy those ugly hordes and escape. You will be equipped with advanced weapons and extremely high destructive power. Your arsenal ranges from shotguns to long guns, along with rockets. Challenge your will to fight and persevere to the fullest. The monsters don’t ignore your loopholes, so be careful. You have to calculate each move, and it’s a bit difficult to fight alone against a large number of monsters.

OrderZero MOD APK

Download OrderZero mod – Unlimited development of gun abilities

Fight to survive in an evil world. OrderZero is a legendary shooter with many best skills. Fighting and escaping are constant in the game. Sharp 3D game images with fine details. Help your playing experience reach the highest level. The monster will circle around you to break it and escape. You can change your appearance and equip different guns while avoiding boring your character. The beautiful action scenes are like watching a charming movie. Although the character is female, it is a very powerful action game. Anyone who loves drama can join us.

Guides you through and equips the items available in the game. The more monsters you kill, the more items you can upgrade to other weapons. If you fail, you’ll have to start all over again, so you have to fight very carefully. Join the adventure journey of your created game character. Understand how stories are crafted. The killing effect is so eye-catching and attractive. Each monster in the game has a health bar on its head that lets you know how alive they are. And the game character’s head also has a health bar, but in a different color.

Warehouse of skills and handy weapons

OrderZero offers tons of powerful and beautiful battle gear. Rifles from pistols to handguns have very high lethality. The point is to apply it to the right circumstances. There are also additional energy support rings. The game contains many shooting skills. That skill has a level. All you have to do is to upgrade them as high as possible. There is also the talent part of the character. These upgrades include levels of strength, agility, resilience, improved defense, and even luck… There are numerous abilities that characters can use to fight and win.

OrderZero MOD

Escape, struggle, and victory

On the way, monsters pop up everywhere. Destroy them very cleverly and carefully to clear the way forward. The game focuses on your ability to use guns skillfully. Fight fiercely against the monsters of the evil world. Going forward alone lets you hear the strength of the main character. Move fast and be careful not to get caught by monsters. In the game, the characters have very beautiful action scenes. The most vile monsters will come out to get you and make it impossible to turn. You have to be very calm and ready for everything to face them. Alone, try to survive in an evil world where you have to be smart and resilient.

Customize and change character appearance

The system also features pets that help players keep their companions by their side. Character changes are also very diverse. Change clothes, hair, and more features. A battle suit with a luxurious design. Create a character to represent yourself in the game. It could be like you in real life, or it could be someone you like on the outside. Kill as many monsters as possible to get more items to further diversify your wardrobe. Treasury of freely selectable guns. Each type of gun has different strengths and bullets.

If you like action games and dramatic battles, join us right away. Strategic combinations with random skills provide a higher chance of escape. The same characters are free to shape your path. Trying to live in a world full of certain monsters will not be an easy task. So you can gradually train yourself to be careful on each route. Shooting fast or getting killed is something you need to pay attention to throughout the game. Download the OrderZero mod that enhances gun combat.

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