Call Of IGI Commando v4.0.18 MOD APK (God Mode, Dumb Enemy)

Call Of IGI Commando MOD APK v4.0.18

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Android 5.0
Android Android 5.0 Action
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(God Mode, Dumb Enemy)
Feb 9, 2023
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Call Of IGI Commando MOD APK

Do you want to play a fighting game that is not too famous, but very inconvenient to play on PC? Then definitely Call Of IGI Commando is for you. With many veteran gamers of famous shooting games. I thought Call Of IGI Commando was worth a try. Hype will be very convenient for those who only use smartphones. Find out with me about this shooting game coming out of the oven.

Call Of IGI Commando MOD APK

the newly updated adds many attractive new features. Call Of IGI Commando will be a pretty interesting choice for people who want to play a shooter. The gameplay isn’t much different, but it’s quite exciting. With mechanics available in new update. Many gamers who love shooting will be crazy about the various game modes. Plus, it’s an offline game, so it’s perfect for those who have to travel a lot or don’t have a regular network connection.

Download Call Of IGI Commando mod – Realistic Shooting and Adventure

It is set against the backdrop of a fierce war between the United States and the nations of the world. You are a commando working underground, infiltrating the US Army for exploration. Learn your enemy’s fighting style and comb. Join them in chaotic battles to protect your allies. Capture the base and destroy the enemy’s important positions. Various game modes. The same way to fight is to use military weapons. Aim your enemies accurately and complete various missions to win.

Call Of IGI Commando APK

Although the gameplay is too familiar and inspired by many famous shooters. However, Call Of IGI Commando still has its own attractive features. You will still be shooting to join the battlefield and destroy your enemies. Use the buttons to fire, jump, melee weapons, fire grenades. Swipe the screen to move the viewpoint. You can control your running character with a joystick. A very easy and quick acquaintance for those who have played through all shooting games.

Procurement for weapons arsenal

Own a huge amount of weapons, melee weapons and grenades. You have the freedom to choose your weapons to increase variety throughout the battle. And it also depends on a suitable battlefield. For example, an airplane must carry a rifle. Enemy dense screens give priority to machine guns. It’s heavy, but with enough ammo it will be easier to defend. Carefully analyze the game screen to choose the weapon that suits you best. Obviously no one wants to keep running on the battlefield with a heavy gun.

Call Of IGI Commando APK

Effective means of transportation

You’re not driving around in a small army jeep like most shooters. Faster and more durable vehicle types, such as tanks and tanks, give you more time to escape, fight, and raid. They have powerful engine systems. In particular, the tank is equipped with an advanced cannon with fire equivalent to a large explosion. You must bring this vehicle to the battlefield. You can cope with various battles. But the enemy is constantly changing their strategy.

Customize in gameplay

For the people who play first person shooters. It takes a long time to practice and get used to. This is a great opportunity to play in a different way. Call Of IGI Commando has up to two character control modes. 1st person and 3rd person. You can choose between these two modes depending on how familiar you are with the game. And for those who want a challenge, practice playing in other modes if you are mastering this mode. This way you can effectively handle combat. Because of some game modes. Certain mods are more effective than others.

It brings a whole new context. , Call Of IGI Commando has a familiar gameplay. It is attached to many gamers who are passionate about shooting and fighting. Although it has many disadvantages differences compared to many other famous games. However, this is still a game worth playing. Grab your smartphone and join your friends in the most glorious battles. Show off your awesome marksmanship. Download the Call Of IGI Commando mod now and show your divine gun shooting skills.

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