Draw Saber MOD APK (Unlocked weapons) 0.2.1

Draw Saber MOD APK (Unlocked weapons) v0.2.1

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Jul 19, 2022
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Draw Saber MOD APK (Unlocked weapons)

Draw Saber MOD APK

Draw Saber is an action game in form of puppets fighting each other. A fighting game where you fight with a lightsaber in your hand. The game’s design is relatively simple, but that doesn’t diminish its appeal. Smash your opponent to pieces and make him surrender to you. The two main characters of the game are two dolls standing opposite each other. One doll is white and the other is black. Each character’s sword path is followed by a light path of the same color. I

Download Draw Saber mod – Control the character in the form of a robot puppet using a sword to attack

Countless fans have sought and will continue to come to Draw Saver to open up an exciting experience. The moves in the game are designed very specific and vivid. When the character is cut, the torso joints emit sparks like lines. At the same time, Bane’s character falls to the ground and the game ends. The sword’s trajectory helps players control the sword easily. If you get slashed by defeat, you can restart the game at the level you just lost.

The main goal of the game is to strike the enemy with the greatest force of your sword. Dismember your enemies’ bodies and face defeat. The peculiar thing is that the sword line you draw is the enemy’s sword line. Offer the most profitable sword and your opponent’s sword will be out of reach. Along with this, the knife can reach the most critical areas.

Various Weapons

When a player passes a certain number of levels, they earn enough money. Players can collect or purchase more new weapons. From a shiny sword shaped like a short ornate handle. Or a sharp sword designed like other royal swords. There are also spears, axes and huge swords if needed. However, different weapons have different weights and delays. Therefore, each weapon must be adjustable by the player to control it. If the user is unfamiliar with the weapon and brings it into battle, the player will most likely lose.

Diverse terrain

It’s a simple, easy-to-see design, but fighting on different terrains is exciting. Instead of staying in familiar locations, enemies can appear in multiple areas. . either on a ship or in the wild. In a desolate land covered with yellow space, there were only two opponents. Although you tread many different lands, your enemy is only one. The silhouettes of the two black and white robot dolls are forever imprinted on each of these lands.

Logical gameplay

First, players must identify their opponent’s critical weaknesses. After checking, the player must calculate the point that is easiest to influence. Where do enemies reveal the most holes? After checking, the player must act quickly to calculate the path of the sword and hit the critical point of the enemy. If the player does not destroy the enemy the first time, he can continue playing. Learn from your previous losses to create the best and most accurate plans.

You and your opponent move in the direction of the blade it gives you. At the end of this level, the player moves directly to the next level. To change weapons, players simply click on the small square in the left corner of the screen. Download the Draw Saber mod to witness a lightsaber battle between two robot puppets.

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