Hang Line MOD APK 1.9.0 (Unlocked all, Unlimited Gold)

Hang Line MOD APK (Unlocked all, Unlimited Gold) v1.9.0

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Jan 11, 2023
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Hang Line MOD APK (Unlocked all, Unlimited Gold)

Start your journey to rescue people by helicopter in Hang Line game. You are a man with a passion for conquering mountains and you have achieved your dreams. Now we have a new quest exclusively for one of our expert climbers. It’s about going around mountains and rescuing people trapped in them. Many people, like you, want to conquer peaks, but they are dreamers. Their journey is pretty smooth until they encounter obstacles that you don’t want to encounter either. Now they are trapped up there and it’s up to you to rescue them all.

Hang Line MOD APK

Download Hang Line mod – Become a lifeguard in the mountains

Some people got stuck on the top of the mountain and had to stop climbing. You are a skilled climber and it is up to you to rescue everyone. Prove your heroic mission from birth by saving people. Someone like you who is not afraid of danger will be ready to climb any mountain to rescue you. Each person attached to it will descend on their own as safely as possible. Use the hook to climb onto the plane so someone can get to where they need help. Overcome living creatures like lions and goats to complete your rescue mission.

Hang Line MOD

Your climbing journey begins only when you have completely conquered all the mountains. But a good climber is willing to take on a mountain job. An opportunity to prove your courage and talent against the hills has arrived with a new mission. The mountain you are climbing already has some climbers stuck there. Now you must meet the heights and ferocious jungle beasts to save them. You are responsible for the lives of the climbers you need to rescue and for your own.

Rescue mission

The simple task of rescuing people cannot be done by a helicopter, someone has to do it. You are a skilled climber and become a lifeguard in this game. You will bring climbing hooks and dread ropes to complete your mission. Helicopters help bring them closer to the mountain to shorten rescue times. But you will face different challenges and you have to rescue everyone quickly. Make your way through the ice to find where people are trapped and rescue them. Use the lifeline to rescue the trapped people and call in the helicopter to pull them out and complete the mission.

Hang Line MOD APK

The danger in the high mountains

The rugged mountains are not peaceful, but you will face challenges. Ignoring the inherent difficulty of finding a trapped person, you must face another challenge. Once it enters the lion’s territory, it becomes prey to be chased by the lion. They attack and make you make unnecessary mistakes and may lose your life. Rocks or ice may collapse due to unstable conditions on each mountain. Overcome hazards posed by creatures and mountain conditions to successfully rescue trapped people.

The craggy mountains

You conquered the mountain with your talent, and now it’s easier with your helicopter. However, this is only for the purpose of rescuing those trapped in the mountain. Dozens of mountains you have climbed are now being conquered by you, but with different goals. Too many people are trapped and you need to find them for your rescue mission. Besides having to successfully rescue the trapped people, each mountain has a separate task. When climbing to the top was the goal in the past, this was also a new challenge. Take on missions up rugged peaks to find and rescue trapped hikers.

You have become a skilled climber conquering every rugged mountain. Now that your passion has been met, it’s time to put your talents to work. Countless climbers are trapped in the mountains you have successfully conquered. The news has arrived, and your mission to rescue people with your talents has begun. Grab the climbing hook and put the lifeline on the helicopter to carry it up the mountain. Overcome the dangers of the mountain and the creature attacks on the mountain. Download the Hang Line mod to play as a lifeguard on the hill and rescue everyone successfully.

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